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Diseases Caused Due To Lack Of Nutrition

Published at 07/19/2011 22:08:07

 Diseases that are caused due to lack of essential nutrition are referred as nutrition diseases and nutrition disorders as well. Essential nutrition required by our body includes Vitamins, Minerals, Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fat, where each nutrient has its own sub-classification. Lack of nutrition generally arises due to several reasons, where improper diet is the main factor. Lack of nutrition is also termed as malnutrition characterized by unbalanced and poor diet with intake of certain nutrients morethan or less than the required quantity. All types of nutrition diseases are associated with chronic malnutrition.

A wide number of nutrition diseases may arise due to lack ofdiseases, which is purely based on a particular nutrient. Further, lack ofcombination of nutrients also leads towards several health complications anddisorders. Following is the brief description about each nutrient and thediseases associated with the lack of the particular nutrient.

Vitamin Deficiency Diseases.

Vitamins are basically organic substances assisting the bodyin metabolic processes.  They neitherprovide the energy nor the calories directly to the body, whereas they ensurethe smooth functioning of the metabolism. Common nutrition disease caused duelack of vitamins are generally associated with vision, mouth and skin. Freshfruits and vegetable are rich sources of vitamins which can fight against thenutrition diseases caused due to vitamin deficiency. Classification of vitaminswith respective diseases caused due to lack of vitamins is given below.

        Vitamin A – Dry Skin and Night Blindness

        Vitamin B1 – It is also termed as Thiamine.Constant alcohol consumption leads towards thiamine deficiency, which resultsin causing loss of sensation and numbness in legs.

        Vitamin B2 – Riboflavin – Vision problems likedimmed or blurred vision and mouth ulcers

        Vitamin B3 – Niacin – Lack of Niacin results ingeneral weakness, rough or harder skin, diarrhoea and sensation of burning inskin and mouth.

        Vitamin B6 – Pyridoxine – Deficiency ofPyridoxine causes mouth ulcer and general weakness.

        Vitamin B12 – Strict Vegetarians are more likelyto develop this deficiency, which results in numbness and tingling andrespiratory problems.


        Vitamin D – Spine diseases

        Vitamin E – There is no apparent or provendeficiency caused due to vitamin E deficiency

        Vitamin K – Abnormal bleeding


Carbohydrate Deficiency Diseases

Carbohydrate is the energy providing nutrient. It is a vitalnutrient in regulating the metabolism of fatty acids as well as amino acids. Lowlevel of carbohydrate has an adverse impact on the energy level of the body. However,loss of energy is generally a temporary disorder which can be reversed bytaking adequate amount of carbohydrates. Unfortunately, many people prefer forlow carbohydrate diet to reduce their weight, where it lead towards severaldiseases. It includes the following.

        Hyperglycaemia – High level of blood glucosewith high risk of developing diabetes


        Weariness and lethargy

        Glycosuria – Excretion of glucose in urine

        Weight loss

        Slow growth in children

Protein Deficiency Diseases

Protein is also an organic nutrient. Proteins are nothingbut enzymes which are responsible for absorbing the essential amount ofnutrition required by the body. Proteins are not directly converted into energyand protein diet is good in reducing weight. In addition, it extends support inmechanical process of the body and acts as hormones in regulating functions ofthe body. It also assists in eliminating the toxin levels and defence againstblood clot. Protein deficiency result towards following diseases.

Vomiting and diarrhea

Bloated stomach

Increased amount of urine leading towardsinfections and diseases in urinary tract system

Negative balance of nitrogen

Mental retardation 

Tips and comments:

Nutrition diseases can be prevented well by following properand balanced diet.



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