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How To Prevent Diseases Caused By Malnutrition


Malnutrition refers to the lack of nutrition and bad nourishment of an individual. The term ‘malnutrition’ refers to lack of all essential nutrients required by the body such as vitamins, minerals, fat, carbs, iron, proteins, etc as well as inadequate supply of any specific nutrient like calcium. Diseases caused by malnutrition vary with the overall lack of nutrition and defiance of each essential nutrient. For instance, anemia is caused by iron deficiency, extreme dryness of skin caused by vitamin deficiency.


Before looking into the prevention diseases caused by malnutrition, let us see what causes malnutrition. Around one in three people in the world is suffering from malnutrition and diseases caused by malnutrition. Malnutrition is generally a nutritional disorder and not a disease, which is common in developing and under developed countries. More than 50% of the newborns are suffering from malnutrition and diseases caused by malnutrition across the world. People in the poverty line, living in the bad economical condition, limited budget, etc tend to suffer a lot from diseases caused by malnutrition.

Prevention of diseases caused by malnutrition

Skipping the breakfast is the major culprit causing the malnutrition and in spite of the busy schedule to move with the rapid pace of the world, everyone should feed themselves before they indulge into the work. Start your day with nutritious food that contains almost all essential nutrients required by the body including carbs and fat. You can consider including the egg, fresh fruits or vegetables, a cup of milk, cereals, whole grains, tea or  coffee, green tea or black tea, nuts, beans, etc. When it comes to breakfast, there is actually no restriction on intake of variety of foods with an exception to avoid fried foods and junk foods.

Try to include a cup of green tea or a glass of fresh fruit juice before the main meal. Green tea is one of the nature’s wonderful gifts to the humanity that has rich anti-oxidant properties along with other nutrients. It gives energy and keeps you fresh for the entire day. Similarly, fresh fruit juices also rich in nutrition.

Have a colorful diet that not only delights your taste buds but also your eyes. A colorful aspect delights the eyes and the same is applicable in the food. A colorful meal generally comprised of fruits and vegetables in various colors like red, orange, purple, white, etc combined with brown colored rice or pale pink colored fish or meat. Vegetable salads, tomatoes, mint, greens, leafy vegetables, carrots and beetroots, onions, cabbages, broccoli, radish, etc are highly nutritious. However, colorful meals don’t mean the meal prepared with artificial coloring agents and preservatives. Further, eat atleast one whole fruit a day, irrespective of the preference. It can be an apple, banana, pine apple, grapes, oranges, melons, etc. The more colorful foods in your diet keep away the diseases caused by malnutrition.

Expose yourself to the sun rays atleast for 10 – 20 minutes a day. Sun is the only natural source of vitamin D, which assist in absorption of other nutrition.

Tips and comments

Since the term malnutrition refers to deficiency of nutrients, adapting the healthy diet with rich nutrients can automatically reverse the diseases caused by malnutrition. Ultimately, intake of nutritious food everyday in different combinations can help in preventing the diseases caused by malnutrition.

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