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Infectious diseases are caused by unhygienic lifestyles and by not paying any heed to the cleanliness issues. The infectious diseases are contagious and necessary steps should be taken to protect yourself from getting these diseases. If precautions are not taken in time, these diseases can prove to be fatal as well.


The first cases of the infectious diseases appeared in 15th and 16th centuries. At that time, people were not much aware of personal hygiene and so they were frequently diagnosed with these diseases. But now, even though the times have changed, we do see a lot of cases of these diseases. This is primarily because of the fact, that due to the hectic routine, people do not pay much attention to what they eat and do not realize how harmful it is for their health.


There are various ways through which one can protect himself from the infectious diseases. One should avoid all the physical contact if he has a viral or bacterial infection. All the pet lovers should beware because they appear to be harmless, but they carry many germs. They should not let them inside the house because if they sit or touch everything, they will spread germs everywhere and the kids are at a greater risk to get the infections. The pets should also be taken to the veterinarian for the regular checkups. The infections can also pass from a mother to her fetus. Therefore, the physical intimacies should be avoided in case of infections. After every activity, hands should be washed thoroughly. People have many misconceptions when it comes to washing hands. They just do it hastily. Hands should be washed for complete two to three minutes and it is better to wash them with anti bacterial soaps. Recent researches have also proven that frozen foods are one of the causes of these infections, if they are not cooked properly. When cooking a meal, the kitchen counters, cooking range and utensils should be very clean and should be washed again before cooking the food. Bathroom is the one place in the house which is the primary carrier of infections so it should be cleaned everyday with acid and sweep. One should never share his/her toothbrush, razor, undergarments and towels. It is always wise not to travel when you are unwell. If you do travel, you will make yourself more sick and uncomfortable and will also transmit your infection to others. Self medication or intake of unnecessary antibiotics should also be avoided to protect you from these diseases, because taking the medicine when it is not required slows down the immune system.

Tips and comments

Therefore, to lead a healthy and safe life, one should follow the above listed instructions. Most of the infectious diseases can be treated, but it is always better to prevent the disease than looking for a cure afterwards. You can save yourself from all the hassle by getting vaccinated and lead a tension free life. Furthermore, cleanliness is the best way to live an infection free life.

By Sidra Rana, published at 02/26/2012
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