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What Are The Causes Of Infectious Diseases- Call Your Doctor

Published at 03/22/2012 14:44:45


According to  doctor infectious diseases consist of communicable diseases that comprise clinically evident illness that occurs as a result of infections and pathogenic biological agents that may be present or growing in an individual or animal. Some of the common infectious pathogens are bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa and parasites.


The following are causes of infectious diseases doctor ask us to be careful of:

1. Direct Contact
According to doctor infectious diseases are caused as a result of a person coming into contact with another person or an animal that has that disease. This may be happen in three ways. The first way is person to person where someone who is not infected comes into contact with an infected person causing direct transfer of bacteria, viruses or other germs from the person who is infected to the person that is not infected. Some of the ways through which this might happen include kissing, coughing, or touching someone who is infected. The second way is animal to person whereby infections are transferred from animals to humans. That happens when someone is bitten or scratched by an infected animal or by handling the waste of the animals. The third way through which infectious diseases are transmitted by direct contact is from mother to unborn child whereby the germs in the vagina of the mother can be transmitted to the baby at birth.

2. Indirect Contact
This happens as result of germs from infected animals or people lingering on an inanimate object that may include things like tablecloths and doorknobs. In the event that you touch for instance a table cloth that was touched by a person who has an infection then you are bound to get that infection too, for you pick up the germs that were left behind by that person. You are therefore advised to wash you hands regularly especially after handling things that tend to be shared by many people to prevent the risk of getting infected.


3. Insect Bites
Insects can be a means of transferring germs from one host to another. They act as careers. For instance, the mosquitoes are careers of the malaria parasite that cause Malaria while the deer ticks are known to be careers for the bacterium that causes the Lyme disease.

4. Food Contamination
Contaminated food or water can have germs that may result to you having infectious diseases. This is a very risky way of transmission because the germs are spread to a very large group of people or animals from a single source. An example is the E.coli which is a bacterium that is known to be found in certain foods for instance a humbugger that has not been cooked well or fruits and vegetables that have not been washed properly.

Tips and comments

It is therefore good practice to be cautious about the preventive measures that are aimed at keeping us safe from the infectious diseases doctor advice, for some for the diseases may cause serious problems to our health. Simple measures like washing hands before we eat and washing fruits and vegetables properly are supposed to be observed keenly. In the event that you feel that you are suffering from infectious diseases doctor visit is a must or the situation could get worse.


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