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How To Find a Polio History

Published at 02/26/2012 01:00:41


Polio is also called poliomyelitis. Polio is a very dangerous, infectious disease. Polio is a viral disease and more than 90 percent of cases do not exhibit symptoms. There are three types of polio. The first type is not very serious, and the patient has a fever with flu and throat problems. This is a limited disease and curable.

The second type of polio shows neurological symptoms, in this type of problem, the patient feels general neck stiffness. This problem is also curable, but sometimes it can be serious. The third type of polio is more dangerous than the first and second types of polio. This type of disease causes the the patient to become weak or even paralyzed. 

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Polio appeared in the 20th century. However, a polio vaccination was prepared by 1950. This disease was eliminated from United States by 1979.

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Polio disease appeared after 20th century before that this disease was unknown. After 1900 the cases appeared on regular basis especially during the summer time. The peak time of the disease was 1940 to 1950. During the mentioned time, approximately half million people were paralyzed and dead per yearly all over the world. The vaccination work was started from 1955 and the vaccination prepared completely in 1961. To get the Polio history, we cannot ignore the extermination effort of Rotary, which has spared 5 million children patient of paralysis.

Step 3

The best way to find the polio history is to search on the Internet and to go through different articles and books written on polio history. There are many articles written on polio history that are available on the Internet and in different books and magazines. Another authentic way to find polio history is to get the details from an experience doctors that know very well about the disease and how this disease evolved over time.

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It is better to find the polio history for sake of information and enhancement of knowledge to know better about the details and how patients fought with this disease in the past.

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The first report of polio history was published in 1843. The second report was published after fifty years in 1893, when the 26 cases were occurred in United States. In 1907 the 2500 cases were reported in New York City only in which the several cases were adults.


In 1916, Dr. Emerson introduced the basic treatment of polio. The main treatments were bathing regularly, eating almonds, using oxygen, and using caffeine. The treatment was starting to give a little successful result. During 1917 to 1950, the hydrotherapy and electrotherapy were become the part of the treatment.

A huge number of polio patients survived due to the modern successful treatment of the disease.

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