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what you need to know about polio syndrome

Published at 01/31/2012 16:09:35

Introduction to post-polio syndrome
Polio syndrome or Post-polio syndrome that has affected many people in the world and there are about 25 – 50% people who have contracted polio previously. This is a viral infection that affects the nervous system. This disease has been now controlled much in various parts of the world and there are lots of people that are successfully recovered from the disease. The post-polio syndrome occurs after the 15 years of age of the original paralytic attack. The origin of the disease is very early and it is followed by the paralytic attack. The main symptoms are acute. There are some muscular weakness and pain in the muscles. In some cases there are muscle fatigues. There might be the appearance of the symptoms that are occurred after some years of the non-paralytic polio attack. Thus, you need to know that the post-polio syndrome should be treated in time.

History of poliomyelitis
Polio is the most prevalent disease in the history that is still alive. There are evidences that prove that poliomyelitis is the disease that is present from prehistoric time. This disease caused major epidemic in the 20th century. There are many people that are died due to the disease. Most of them were paralyzed too. There are many epidemic events that were seen in the 20th century. Many people died and many other are paralyzed by the disease. However, the vaccine is there that has prevented this epidemic now but the time when the vaccine was not developed there were many killings that were done by this disease. The development of polio vaccine was done in 1935 by Maurice Brodie. The first attempt was done on himself for the testing of the vaccine. There are many countries in the world now where the disease has been eradicated. But in some countries it is still present.

Features of post-polio syndrome
Through various attempts and efforts, the disease in now curable. The vaccine has made people survive the disease. There are lots of people that are still under post-polio syndrome because there is the risk of generation of the post attack of this disease. There must be a proper understanding of the post-polio syndrome so that the people can save themselves form the disease. The first thing is that this is not the recurrence of the virus that most of the people think it is. There is not too much weakening of the muscles as in the earlier stroke. There is only 1% of the change in muscle atrophy per year. Thus, there is not that much weakness. The major factor for the cause of this syndrome is the ageing. The age has direct effect on the muscles. The environmental factors are also responsible for the rise of the disease.

Tips and comments

Tips for managing post-polio syndrome
There are various kinds of problems that are occurred by post-polio syndrome. However, with the proper therapy and the some specific treatment methods the disease can be cured. Mostly people should relax their legs muscles and avoid long walks.


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