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Common Diet Related Diseases

Published at 03/12/2012 21:08:03


Diet – This is the hottest word wandering across the world. Everyone has the dream of maintaining fit, trim, slim and shaped body, but for many it remains the dream. Only a few people could maintain their perfect physique and ideal weight. Overweight people and plus size population always involve in trying something to win over their extra bulges. Diet is the major aspect considered by this population for losing weight. In addition to the obese population, a lot of people involve in fad diet plans to maintain their physique and manage the pounds. Unfortunately, not many people aware that most of the diet plans have several long term side effects in the long run collapsing the dieters. Developing diet related diseases are quite common when anyone follow a specific kind of diet for a considerable period.

Why diet plans lead towards developing diet related diseases?

It is widely claimed by plethora of diet plans that the dieters can maintain healthy body, slim and toned physique, improved body muscles, reduced cravings, etc. A Diet plan just focuses only on a certain aspect to be fixed with specific kinds of food containing limited nutrition. For instance, low carb diet, low fat diet, fad diet, Atkins diet, etc doesn’t include the foods containing carbohydrate and fats. Similarly, protein diet reduces the cravings for food. Liquid diets like lemonade diet involve the intake of lemon juice alone. Eventually, the diet plans lack in offering the nutrition required by the body, which result with weakened body, resulting towards developing several diseases. Many of the diseases caused due to a diet plan associates with the lack of specific nutrition or two or more nutrients from the respective diet plans, with the outcome of developing diet related diseases.

What are the common diet related diseases?

Malnutrition: Malnutrition refers to the nutrition deficiency. It includes the deficiency of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. As stated earlier, the diet plans focus only on a certain aspect or a certain nutrient, which tend to be careless about other nutritious needs. Good amount of carbs and fats are required by the body, where most of the diet plans are designed as low carb low fat or no carb no fat diet plans. Malnutrition, even though the most common diet related diseases, is the gateway that welcomes several health hazards.

Anemia: Anemia, most popularly called as the iron deficiency is one of the most common diet related diseases. The condition is characterized by the extremely low level of red blood cells in the body. This condition is developed most frequently by the women who follow fad diet. Anemia affects the normal menstruation cycle, which in turn creates severe health problems during the pregnancy, child birth and menopause. Iron, folic acid and vitamin B12 prevents anemia.

Obesity: It would be a surprising thing to know that obesity is also one of the most common diet related diseases. The surprising fact is a bitter truth. It is just not possible follow a diet plan for years. If any individual tend to follow the same, he or she develops resistance to other kinds of foods that is not included in the diet. Moreover, a change in the regular food habit, diversified from the diet plan lead towards causing obesity.

Low blood pressure / high blood pressure: Both these conditions are included in the diet related diseases. Low foods and fad diets reduces the normal pressure. On the contrary, most of the dieters tend to be in a stressful condition as the diet plan restricts them taking their desired food, which result with high blood pressure.

Tips and comments

Dieting is nothing but the following the healthy food habits by intake of nutritious and balanced food. Any diet plan that doesn’t include the balanced food catering to all nutritious needs is nothing but a fad diet. Moreover, the diet related diseases also include developing aging skin, sagging of skin, hair loss, etc.


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