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What Are The Causes Of Hpv Diseases

Published at 03/08/2012 17:32:47


Both men and women should understand the causes of HPV diseases. By knowing the causes, they can understand how to protect themselves from what can be a deadly virus. HPV stands for human papilloma virus. This is a virus that is transmitted from one partner to another through sexual relations. This virus is caused by sexual contact from one partner to another partner. This contact can come from genital contact through normal sex. It can also be caused by anal sex. It can even occur during oral sex, if the HPV virus is present in the throat through warts around the mouth or in the back of the throat, as well being present on the base of the tonsils.

The most common sign of the HPV is genital warts. These warts usually appear as a small bump or a group of bumps in the genital area. However, they can appear around the mouth, in the mouth or in the back of the throat. They can appear weeks or months after one first had contact with an infected partner.

Once one becomes infected with one of the over forty types of HPV disease, a woman may develop cervical cancer. This is usually known as a quiet cancer that doesn't show any symptoms until it is in its advanced stages. Screening tests can help show that a woman is infected long before symptoms may appear. This is why it is important that a woman sees her doctor regularly, especially if she is sexually active or has multiple sex partners.

Men can also develop cancer because of a HPV virus. This type of cancer is known as penis cancer. He may become aware of this cancer a lot quicker than a woman since the signs can become evident sooner. The signs can be abnormal lumps on his penis or surrounding area. Once these lumps appear, he should promptly seek medical treatment.


There are ways to keep from catching these types of HPV diseases. First, both men and women should not sleep with multiple partners. Secondly, men should wear condoms when having sex. Finally, there are prevention methods such as immunizations for both young men and women to help protect them from the infection later in life. Young girls have the choice of one of two types of medications that they can take in a way of an injection. They are Cervarix and Gardasil. They can take this immunization any time between the ages of 13 and 26. Young boys can take an injection of Gardasil anytime between the ages of 9 to 26.

Currently, there is no treatment for HPV diseases or the HPV virus. However, there are treatments for their side effects such as the genital warts and the related cancers. Hopefully, by knowing the facts and the causes of HPV virus more people will be aware of the ways to keep from acquiring this infection. This may also mean that there will be lower numbers.

Tips and comments

HPV diseases are transmitted through sex. This includes oral and anal sex. One can protect themselves from HPV diseases by having one sex partner, by wearing a condom and by considering getting immunized by the disease while they are still young.


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