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Five Types Of Common Sex Diseases


Sex diseases are widely called as sexually transmitted diseases and popularly known as STD. It is also referred as venereal diseases. However, considerable population is more likely to get confused with the sexual dysfunctions like erectile dysfunction, lack of energy, impotency, etc as sex diseases. Even though these can be referred as sex diseases, majority of these conditions are caused due to mental disturbance, which can be simply referred as the psychological condition. Further, these aspects and the state of mind can be merely cured with counseling rather than affording for medical treatment. Eventually, sexually transmitted diseases are quite different from the sexual dysfunctions.

What are called Sexually Transmitted Diseases

As indicated by the name, sexually transmitted diseases are caused due to physical contact between two individuals. In simple terms, it refers to the illnesses developed by an individual due to sexual contact with other. The sexual contact or behavior causing the sex diseases includes vaginal infection, oral sex and anal sex. These diseases are more serious than a most troubling and embarrassing health condition. When left untreated, it leads towards permanent infertility, impotency as well as the most deadly disease HIV – AIDS, which has no cure.

Common sex diseases

Following is the list of five common sex diseases i.e sexually transmitted diseases:

AIDS – The deadliest and commonest sex disease is AIDs. It is caused by a virus and is popularly known as HIV> HIV – Human Immuno-deficiency Virus. The virus stays in an active form in liquids and is transmitted from one person to other through sexual intercourse, blood, breast milk, child birth, and injections. The disease is developed by having physical contact through sexual actions with HIV infected individuals, through injecting the blood of any individual who was affected by the HIV, from HIV infected mother to child, through using the same syringe and needle for injecting, and through breast feeding. The virus destroys the white blood cells from the body and collapses the immunity. Until now, there is no treatment available to cure the disease. Proper hygiene, proper lifestyle, safe sexual action and extreme level of cautiousness only can prevent the disease.

Syphilis: It is the next common sex diseases found common in women and has been prevailing for centuries. Syphilis is a bacterial infection caused by the bacteria called Spirochete. It is caused due to having direct contact with syphilis infected individual during sexual intercourse. The syphilis sore can be developed either by anal or vaginal sex. It is also transmitted from mother to child during labor. It is generally a disease that can be cured. However, the advanced stage of this condition leads towards death sentence.

Gonorrhea: This bacterial disease is the oldest sex disease with no apparent symptoms. More than two million women are affected by this condition. Like any other sexually transmitted disease, this disease is also caused due to the transmission of bacterium from one person to another during sexual intercourse. Yet, it is also being reported that the bacterial infection spread by door handles, taps and toilet seats.

Genital Herpes: More commonly called as herpes, it is caused by a virus called Herpes Simplex Virus. Unlike other sex diseases caused due to physical intercourse, herpes is caused due to intimate and intense contact with the mouth linings.

Hepatitis B: Popularly called as inflammation of the liver, is actually caused due to sexual contact and one of the common sexually transmitted diseases. Many people are unaware that Hepatitis B is a STD and it is also a viral infection.

Tips and comments

Majority of the sex diseases are caused due to viral and bacterial infections transmitted through sexual intercourse and poor hygiene. Eventually, ultimate care and precautious sexual actions can prevent developing the sexually transmitted diseases.

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