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No one ever really worry is about getting a sexually transmitted diesase they've already gotten and the really sad thing is diesases is of this variety are easily preventable, when proper precautions are taken, most specifically, using a condom as birth control pills generally do not prevent the transmission of diesase from one person to another. There are a variety of sexually transmitted diesases. Everything from AIDS (which is an immune deficiency) and syphilis and gonorrhea, just to name a few of these diesases with the exception of AIDS are easily treatable with everything from antibiotics to penicillin the most common sexually transmitted diesase is Chlamydia, it infects the cervix in women and the penis in men the most obvious symptom is pain during sex, and discharge from the penis or vagina.




The reason that this diesase is so common is because the symptoms are often not visible for weeks, months or sometimes even years. The only saving grace is that it is completely curable is important to seek treatment even if you only think you might have the diesase, because if left untreated. Over the long-term, it can do a considerable amount of damage to the body. The best prevention should be rather obvious is to use a latex condom gonorrhea or more famously known as "the clap" is a bacterial infection and affects the same general areas as chlamydia. Symptoms generally include intense burning when urinating, with light yellow or green discharge from the penis.


The reason that "the clap" is such a problem is that many people never exhibit symptoms; this is why the CDC (Center for diesase control) estimates that just in the United States. There are more than 700,000 cases a year, and just to be clear. If you are one of those people that believe, that oral sex is safe or isn't sex at all. I'm sorry to say, you will be sorely disappointed because, "the clap" can and will if given proper opportunity infected the throat and that my friends will ruin more than just ones sex life. Syphilis is another bacterial infection; the diesase is transmitted through direct contact with syphilis sores that appear externally on both the male and female genitals in the mouth, as well as the rectum.

Tips and comments

If left untreated syphilis can cause very serious complications, which in some cases may be life-threatening, because the source can and will appear in areas that obviously cannot be covered by a condom. The use of a condom will only reduce the chances of acquiring the diesase in the early stages of syphilis. There will be small painless sores that may heal by themselves this does not mean the diesase is gone however, and the symptoms should still be reported to and diagnosed by a doctor, because the longer one takes to seek treatment, the harder it will be to treat the diesase it is also the duty of the individual even if you are she only suspects they might be infected with an STD (sexually transmitted diesase) to let their partners know of the possibility of infection. So remember all these diesases that are discussed are easily preventable, if proper precautions are taken, but it is up to the individual to take them. So use a little common sense and things should work out just fine.

By Ema Mary Wanjiku, published at 03/29/2012
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