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About the Dbmd Program At Temple


People have always wanted to achieve a lot of things in just a small amount of time. This is the reason why there are some people who are able to complete a Ph.D. degree at a very young age. Some of them devote their time to studying, having to move on to graduate schools the moment they finished their bachelor’s degree. There are also some scholarship programs that support this too such as scholarship programs in the field of medicine wherein they only get to go to an undergraduate program for three years and they can already proceed to studying medicine on their fourth year, making them fully fledged doctors a year earlier than the usual. Aside from that, there are also dual Bachelor’s/Master’s degree programs and scholarships that offers 4 or 5 years completion of both a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree. A very good example for this is the DBMD (Dual Bachelor and Master Degree) Program offered by the Temple University.

What is the DBMD program at Temple University?

The DBMD program offers a 3+2 structure for students both within the university and within the universities in the U.S. The 3+2 structure would mean that a student is able to finish his or her bachelor’s degree for three years and immediately proceeds to a 2-year master’s degree of their choice based on the degree options offered by the program. After the students have completed the DBMD program, they will receive their master’s degree from the Temple University and they will also receive their bachelor’s degree from the school that they were in to.

What are the graduate courses are offered in the DBMD program?

The great thing about Temple University’s DBMD program is that students are able to enroll in a graduate course that is different from their Bachelor’s degree, allowing them to be flexible to other fields. Their graduate program would require 36 credits of graduate coursework or about 12 graduate courses. A study plan for each student enrolled in this program is required to better arrange and manage their coursework per semester.

The program offers 41 graduate courses from 12 different departments: College of Science and Technology, Fox School of Business and Management, School of Medicine, School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, College of Engineering, School of Communications and Theatre, College of Education, College of Liberal Arts, Boyer College of Music and Dance, College of Health Professions and School of Social Work, School of Pharmacy and School of Environmental Design. Examples of these courses are: Chemistry, Computer Science, Cell Biology, Microbiology and Immunology, Bioengineering, Civil Engineering, Medicinal Chemistry, Landscape Architecture, Social Work, Economics, Journalism, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Statistics, Accountancy, Finance, Marketing and a lot more.

Is this program available for International Students?

Temple University’s DBMD program is also available for International Students from selected partner schools of the university. They are able to finish their 3 year undergraduate or bachelor’s degree in their homeland and will move to the Temple University in Philadelphia for their 2-year graduate or master’s degree. Housing is also provided by the university to better accommodate international students.


By Ignat Victor, published at 03/21/2012
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