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When you access the internet, you will find several articles about diseases which are very rare. Rare diseases are also known as orphan diseases. These orphan diseases are usually genetic in nature and may affect a person throughout life. Rare diseases can vary in their impact between populations; so, a disease which is rare in one part of the world may be common in another part of the world.

There are many kinds of rare diseases and one of the rarest kinds that you can read in articles about diseases is land sickness. This is also known as ‘Mal de Debarquement’ which means sickness of disembarkment. We have heard of people suffering from sea sickness when they are aboard a ship. They will get feelings like the floor tilting or rocking beneath their feet. Some people will continue to experience these sensations on dry land and for a longer period of time as a rare condition in which motion sickness continues on land much after disembarking.



Articles about diseases reveal that history has been altered by key diseases like small pox, tuberculosis, syphilis, AIDS, bubonic plague and the yellow fever. A rare disease that cropped up in the mid nineteenth century is the Potato Blight. This condition affected not only humans but the crops as well. It started the Irish Potato Famine. It had a very deep impact because it destroyed the staple food of the United Kingdom and became a major historic force.

Another very rare disease that we come across in articles about diseases historically has been Porphyria. This was a collection of a variety of mental ailments like anxiety, hallucination and paranoia. Many English kings were unable to manage their kingdoms because of this disease.


Some of the very rare diseases we come across after reading articles about diseases are progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy and paraneoplastic neurologic syndrome. The former is a neurologic disorder which comes about with a reduction of myelin that is an oily substance protecting the nerve cells in the vertebrae and the brain. It is caused by a virus. The virus sometimes remains inactive in healthy people and affects only when a person’s immune system becomes severely weak. The latter is another rare syndrome as highlighted in articles about diseases which affects the nervous system mainly of patients with cancer. Paraneoplastic means that the syndrome is being caused by the immunological reactions that are produced by a tumor. The patient’s immune system can cause an indirect collateral damage to the nervous system.

Tips and comments

Humanity has struggled against these very rare diseases for thousands of years. Some of the most destructive epidemics have come about in the last hundred years. However, many advancements and victories in developing cure and treatment programs also have come about in this period after a huge investment of money, time and research which can be found in detail in articles about diseases. The doctors may be taking their time to diagnose accurately if someone is suffering from a very rare disease. But, once the diagnosis is done, there are many organizations that are working hard to help the patients suffering from these diseases to find the treatment they require.

Some countries have even legislated laws to ensure that rare diseases get adequate attention from researchers and pharmaceutical companies so that patients can find treatment from the required orphan drugs and medications by learning from articles about diseases written by their predecessors in the field. For example, the United States Food and Drug Administration has created the Office of Orphan Products Development to dedicate resources exclusively for these kinds of very rare diseases.

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