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Most Common Treatment For Rarediseases


Diseases keep evolving with time, and with the inventions of new medicines to cure a disease, the disease takes a different shape and hits society much harder than earlier. Certain diseases such as jaundice or chicken pox are common among people. The treatment for these kinds of diseases is available in all parts of the world. But, there are some rarediseases which could make a person suffer a lot without even knowing what kind of disease, he is suffering from. The treatments for those diseases are sometimes available only in the well-developed countries. Most of the people would find it difficult to afford time and cost that would require curing these rarediseases with the help of modern day medicine. During those situations, it would be better to seek for some conventional treatment methodologies. The prevalence of these rarediseases has increased to a greater extent in recent days.


Right from the day when the treatment methodologies started to create an impact on the life style of the humans, the researchers are trying to identify the characteristics of these rarediseases in order to invent new medicinal combinations to fight those diseases. As today’s medicine world tries to create newer medicines using the latest technology equipment, the ancient treatment methodologies tried to cure these rarediseases using the naturally available resources and their byproducts.


There are many options for the people, to choose their method of treating these rarediseases.

• Allopathic: This is the most widely preferred technique to get treated for various ailments. This method uses medicines manufactured by combining different chemicals and minerals in the right proportions. Though these medicines are created after well-researched results, there might be some side effects for these medicines when they react with the intended organ. In order to minimize the negative impact of these side effects, some additional medicines will be prescribed.

• Conventional Methods: Some conventional treatment methodologies that have stayed over years are, Ayurveda, Siddha and other natural treatment techniques. These methods would imply the usage of plants, leave, herbs and juices extracted from plants or leaves, for preparing medicines. This method of treatment would normally take some time to cure the disease, but the advantage here is, it does not have any side effects and also these treatments do not treat just the symptoms. Instead, it acts on the root cause of the rarediseases and gives a permanent solution.

• Physical treatments: Certain treatments focus on the physiology of the human body. These kinds of treatments might include acupuncture, reflexology and so on. They act from outside the body, but they are effective since they cure the diseases by directly acting up on the energy flow of a particular organ that needs treatment. These methods would help in balancing the energy flows within the human body that would be necessary in fighting many diseases.

Tips and comments

• When you are affected with a certain type of disease, it is not advisable to take self medication, which might result in the aggravation of the disease.
• The treatments for rarediseases would not be available in all regions and in all treatment methodologies. So it is important to gain some knowledge on the available treatment options before opting for one.
• Get the advice of those patients who have already got treated for a particular disease so that you could get an idea on how to overcome the disease in an effective manner.

By Smita, published at 03/24/2012
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