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Symptoms Of Blastomycosis

Published at 02/05/2012 14:46:13


Blastomycosis or Gilchrist’s disease is one of the rarest infections in the planet. Such disease could be developed by inhaling a fungus called Blastomyces dematitidis. This fungus exists in acidic and sandy soils that are located near waterways and river valleys. Such fungus can also be found in wood. It was categorized as a human disease since it affects mainly human beings. However, this infection can also occur to other mammals such as cats, dogs, sea lions and horses.


The infection called blastomycosis will usually occur in locations such as Canada, Israel, India and Midwestern and South Central parts of the USA. The ratio of infection for such disease is two or three cases per 200,000 individuals. There are other individuals that can acquire such fungal disease from other locations, but such cases are very rare and unlikely to happen.


Blastomycosis will usually affect individuals with poor immune systems. Individuals diagnosed with HIV and recipients of organ transplants are basically vulnerable to this hazardous infection. Individuals with such medical conditions should stay away from places where its fungi are very active such as in moist soils and rotten vegetation.

The inhaled fungus will penetrate the body through the lungs and infect them at the same time. The fungus will reproduce and increase its number in the lungs. They will then disseminate to the other parts of the body through blood circulation. It can affect areas in the body such as skin, genitourinary tract, bones and brain. The brooding period for such fungus is 32 to 99 days.

There are several areas in the body that can be affected or impaired by such fungal infection. It primarily affects areas such as bone, genitourinary tract and skin. Here are some of the symptoms of blastomycosis:
• Fatigue
• Coughing with bloody or brown mucus
• Swelling in joints and bones
• Unintentional and sudden weight loss
• Excessive sweating
• Stiffness and pain in the muscles
• Severe fever
• Severe chest pain
• Chilling
• General discomfort
• Difficulty in breathing
• Malaise
• Skin lesions, which would usually begin as raised and small blisters or bumps that will become ulcers with crusty surfaces.
• Rashes
• Painful swelling of epididymis for men

It is highly recommended to consult a physician whenever these symptoms would occur. Your health consultant during these situations will usually prescribe antifungal drugs. Itraconazole is the ideal remedy for such infections. It can significantly reduce the symptoms of such diseases in a short span of time. Another efficient treatment for Gilchrist’s disease is Ketoconazole, which should be taken orally for two times a day. For severe cases of such fungal infection, Amphotercin B may be prescribed by the physician. The only downside of this drug is that it has side effects.


Tips and comments

An individual affected by such disease can fully recover if the treatments are not delayed. Infections that are not promptly treated can lead to severe complications and even death. If you have weak immune system, then it is highly recommended to avoid traveling to areas where blastomycosis is very active.


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