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Types Of Optic Nerve Diseases


Optic nerve diseases are the major are the major cause of blindness in many people all over the world. It is therefore very important for all the people to know about the types of the optic nerves diseases which will help them fight against them and protect themselves from these types of optic nerves diseases.


Aplasia and the hypoplasia is one of the types of the optic nerves diseases. In this type of the optic nerves diseases, the optic nerve tends to fail to develop. In this case, since the optic nerve does not develop properly, seeing is interfered with. It is important for the patient to seek medical advice immediately he or she starts feeling some pains in the eyes. This is because, with time, this aplasia and hypolasia can lead to blindness when it is not dealt with in the early stage of its development.

Ischaemia and infarction of the nerve tissue is another type of optic nerve diseases, this disease causes inflammation of the optic nerve and in many cases the patient feels like itching the eye since some pains seems to emanates from the eye, also the pupil turns its color and at early stage the pupil appears to be green but with time when the disease have reached its late stage the color of the pupil changes to red as if there is bleeding.


Congenital swelling of the optic nerve is another type of optic nerve diseases. In this case the, the optic nerve swells and the pain is induced into the eye. This swelling of the optic nerve is caused by hard particles which get into the eye. Within a few days, the particles get into the optic nerve blood stream and therefore hindering the transportation of mineral salts in the optic nerve. It is very important for anyone to stay in places of less dust and smoke particles. This will help reduce the risk of the optic nerve diseases. Also you should visit the physician immediately you feel some itching in the eye since delaying to see a doctor can lead to total blindness.

Another type of the optic nerve diseases is the myelinated nerve fibres. This is a disease where the optic fibre becomes too long and at the end it causes blindness. It is very important for the parents to know to observe the eyes of their kinds since it mostly affect the young children. If no action is taken within the first few months of this type of optic nerve diseases it can lead to a point where only surgery will be the only option.

Glial remnants are another type of optic nerve diseases although it is not common in the society. This type of optic nerve disease is genetic and a person is born with it. Although it does not lead to blindness, care must be taken to prevent other diseases from entering and causing the blindness. The patent should use painkiller to relief the pain.

Tips and comments

We should be able to know the types of optic nerve disease, so that we get the knowledge to know how to deal with these threatening eye diseases.

By Emma Wanjiku, published at 04/05/2012
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