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Symptoms Of Lou Gehrig's Diseases


Lou Gehrig's diseases is a very fatal disorder and also progressive it mostly affects the nerves and muscles. it is also called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis but it is often called Lou Gehrig's after the famed new York Yankees slugger whose death in 1941 was caused by this disorder.


This Lou Gehrig's disorder has no particular cause but most of the cases tend to have gotten it hereditary although there is no certain pattern to which this disorder is past from parents to children people who suffer from this Lou Gehrig's diseases are said to have inherited so they have genetic or inherited components. In this family there is a 50 per cent chance that 50 percent of all their offspring will suffer from the Lou Gehrig's disease. This Lou Gehrig's disease mostly affects people in the age blanket of 40years and 70 years. Although there have also been a great number of teenagers suffering from the Lou Gehrig's diseases but generally the Lou Gehrig's diseases affects both men and women as they grow older. Although it was assumed that men tend to get the Lou Gehrig's diseases more often it is no longer that way as both men and women are getting it at the same rate.


Symptoms of the Lou Gehrig's diseases vary in stages. In the early stage symptoms vary from individual to another individual but the common symptoms that occur to most victims suffering from Lou Gehrig's diseases would include tripping , dropping things , abnormal fatigue of the arms and legs, slurred speech , muscle cramps and twitches ,it would also include an involuntary period of laughing and crying.

The hands and legs are usually the first to be affected when one is suffering from Lou Gehrig's diseases and because of this the normal activities of everyday are affected this means this person cannot do things on there own they cannot walk, feed themselves, dress and so at this stages people suffering from Lou Gehrig's disease will need so much assistance from family and friends.

Luckily enough the Lou Gehrig's diseases only affects the motet neurons so the senses of sight , touch ,hearing ,taste and smell are not affected at all this is a little bit of good news to people suffering from Lou Gehrig's disease. But as the weakening and paralysis continues spreading it ends up spreading t the muscles of the trunk of the body and eventually chewing, swallowing and breathing become very difficult and when the breathing muscles are affected the patient may need to stay under a life support machine and it is important to note that the mind is not affected even as the progressive degeneration condition increases in the body.

Tips and comments

There is no cure for Lou Gehrig's diseases but much can be done to assist the victims to live a more productive life and to be independent. Some of this things would include physical therapy and rehabilitation tactics which would help the patient know how to work around the disabilities caused by the disease

By Emma Wanjiku, published at 04/06/2012
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