Childhood Skin Diseases You Should Worry About
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Childhood Skin Diseases You Should Worry About

Published at 04/04/2012 19:00:42


Childhood Skin Diseases You Should Worry About

Childhood skin diseases are the most common disease which affect children and it gives parents an headache when they know nothing about the disease that have affected their children. In most cases, parents should know the diseases they should worry about because not all the diseases are dangerus to the skin of their children.

Childhood skin diseases are the most common disease which affect children and it gives parents an headache when they know nothing about the disease that have affected their children. In most cases, parents should know the diseases they should worry about because not all the diseases are dangerus to the skin of their children.

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Chicken pox is one of the childhood diseases you should worry about. This disease usually forms some pimples all over the childs body and it makes the child to writh in pain since it causes inflamation of the skin. Normally the child develops coldness and the he she might develop breathing problem. It is very important for anyone to know about this childhood skin disease he or he should worry about and necessary action shold be taken since the disease can cause death due breathing problems.

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Another childhood skin disease that you should worry about is measles. Although this forms pimples like things in the skin, the size of the pimples are small in size compared to that of chicken pox. This disease usually emanates from the chest and in many cases the respiratory system of a child is affected. As a parenbt, this the childhood skin disease you should worr about since once the child is infected with this measles it is so difficult to cure and therefore causind death. The best measure agaist the measles is to the child for vaccination when he or she is not infected with this deadly disease.

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Another childhood skin disease you should worry about is the scabies. The scabies affect the skin of the child and leaves it with spots which will be causing wounds frequently. It is also very important as a parent to know that although scabies can not kill a child, it is still a childhood skin disease you should worry about because the spots left by the scabies can lead to other related diseases like skin cancer due to the wounds that will be occuring more frequently on the chid’s skin.

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Children getting painful mouth sores in their mouth are common. Mothers need to be on a look out of any symptoms like blisters on hand, feet and some times on buttocks. The medical practioners call this  childhood skin disease as coxsackie.The disease is usually spread through airborne so it can spread through coughing and sneezing or any clothing like nappies used to wrap the baby .You should wash your hands often when you are dealing with this condition. Always seek medical advice when you spot the symptoms

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Ringworm is another childhood skin disease you should worry about. Ringworms are caused by germs due to wearing of dirty clothes and eating dirty food. In most cases ringworms form some colorless patches on the babies skin and if the head is the one which is affected by the ringworms, the hair falls fromt the affected part leaving the child withut then hair in the head. The problem with ringworm is that they spoil the appearance of the child completely and it can also lead to the othefr related diseases like skin cancer which is regarded as the most dangerous killer disease. Thereffore if a parent notices any signs of ringworms on the child’s ,he should contact a physician immediately

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Measles is another childhood skin adisease that affects children mostly. It appears as small pimples on the face and it is very itching. The rashes spread quickly to the rest of the body and if not treated it can cause death.The disease increases the temperature of the body rapidly .Though the disease can disappear within few days it is recommended to visit a doctor


Childhood Skin Diseases You Should Worry About

Since thre are many childhood skin disease you should worry about, it is important for the parents to take great care and they should be much concern about the skin health of their children to prevent other infection which can attack the childs skin.

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