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How To Get Admission in South Universities

Choosing South Universities

People always think about having their degree from England’s south universities. Many people say that universities in England or the United Kingdom are really great. Students around the world are making their way to study here and have so far achieved success. To tell the truth, studying abroad can give the students many possibilities of getting hired for most careers if they study in universities in the south of England.

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The south universities alone in England are already in the big count of 15. Just with the number, you can say that there are many students in England that came from other countries. There is no doubt that the students who are studying here wanted excellence for their future careers. They are free to choose what kind of expertise they want to practice in a university. All universities in the south or even all over the world have the teaching expertise. You can check what the south universities can offer.

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List of South Universities in United Kingdom

University of Brighton

This is an English university, the roots of which are traced with the school of art from the opening of the Brighton Royal Pavilion. This university has been awarded many times for the excellent teaching of needed arts. They have three campuses in Brighton, Hasting and Eastbourne. The student count is within 23 thousand, and about two thousand six hundred staffs are teaching and giving their excellence to their students.

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University of Buckingham

This is one of the well known south universities. Not just because of the name itself but because of the teaching quality. This is a non- sectarian university at Buckinghamshire, England. It received the royal charter in 1983 from the queen. It was founded as Buckingham University College in 1970s. The university itself ranks as number 21 on the overall university rankings in the United Kingdom. The university has four schools which are Law, Business, Humanity, and Science and Medicine.

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University of Oxford

This is the most popular University in the United Kingdom. This is the oldest surviving university in the world, and the number one oldest of most English speaking universities in England. It has the reputation of giving excellent teaching to every student in the university. This university cannot be compared to any south universities in England. There are many notable graduates and alumni from this university. From which, it already speaks out loud the teaching excellence.

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University of Winchester

This is the only public university that belongs to the list. The campus itself is from the ancient cathedral.


The university has four faculties.

• Faculty of Arts
• Faculty of Education, Health and Social Care
• Faculty of Humanities and Social Science
• Faculty of Business, Law and Sports


Sources and Citations

There are still a lot of south universities in the United Kingdom that can offer you the excellence that many great alumni already had. You can say that your future lies in the south universities of England. You can still find ways not just to allow yourself to study in many south universities but also in many other known universities in the world.

By Ali Muhammad Ali Butt, published at 02/25/2012
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