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5 Best Universities in Uk


Universities of every country play an important role in higher education. Before enrolling into university you must have knowledge about best educational colleges and universities of that country. United Kingdom has a great education system which attracts foreign and local students to study in their higher educational institutes. There are many best universities in UK which are providing excellent education in their relevant fields.


All the best universities in UK are offering undergraduate, post graduate, PhDs and research programs in different fields and have large numbers of seats for the foreign students. They all have best teaching staff, great infrastructure, all facilities and offer scholarships and internships to bright and needy students.


University of Cambridge is the top one in the list of best universities in UK. This is the second oldest university of UK in Europe. It is located in Cambridge city, in United Kingdom. It has 31 colleges and more than 150 departments, schools and faculties. The teaching faculty is highly educated and they provide best standardized education. It offers flexibility in courses, in starting all aspects of that field are covered and later specialized according to your choice of subject. 88 Noble prize winners belong to Cambridge University. It has man libraries and museums which helps student in their field. All these things contribute in giving it a top place in best universities in UK.

Oxford University is the oldest university of Europe and it is also called collegiate university. It has 39 self-governing collages and 7 halls. One collage for fellowship, one for part time education and 7 offers only graduate programs. Remaining thirty collages and halls offers under-graduate and graduate both programs. It is considered innovative and entrepreneurial university. It provides great facilities to its students, teachers and researcher. It has 100 libraries and many museums. It provides a rich and fabulous educational environment for the students and faculty members. 6 kings, 26 British prime ministers and 26 Nobel Prize winners are former student of this university. It occupies second position in list of best universities in UK.

The University of Edinburgh is third in best universities in UK; it is located in Edinburgh city Scotland. It offers more than 600 degree courses in 100 academic disciplines. It comes in 20 top universities of the world. This university has 3 main collages which contain 22 schools of humanities, social sciences, and business, engineering and medical. University has many non-academic department which provide many services and known as Support Services. There are many museums, research center and some natural history collections. Almost 22,000 students across the world are studying in this university. It provides facilities of medical, academic, computing, financial, scholarships, sports and accommodation to all local plus international students. Overall it is best university with best academic and other facilities and provides standardized education and produce best researches.

University collage of London is public research university in London, United Kingdom. It is also one from best universities in UK with best academic standard. It is a multidisciplinary university which deals with issues of this age. One third part of students from total students is foreigners. It always maintains higher its position in list of best universities in UK. It has 10 main faculties with research, teaching and learning in many fields. These 10 faculties have more than 100 departments and research centers. All these faculties offered degrees in field of arts, humanities, social sciences, engineering, medical and law. 21 Noble Prize holders belong to this university. So it’s a best place with healthy educational environment for students to get world’s high standard education.

Imperial college London is known for best in science-based institution with excellent research and education. It is consistently maintaining its position in top world’s universities ranking and also in best universities in UK. It has three main faculties of engineering, medicines and natural sciences which almost have 22 departments and institutes under them. There is also one business school providing different programs related to business field and many cross faculty institutes and research centers. 14 noble prize winners including Sir Alexander Fleming were students of Imperial College London.

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These are the five best universities in UK where students across the world are getting their education. All of these universities are providing best education and standardized academic facilities and have hired world’s best teachers, they are also contributing a lot in research fields.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/31/2012
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