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How To Find The Top Uk Universities

Published at 02/27/2012 02:02:34


Engineering, Spanish, French, German, agriculture, business, mathematics, statistics, physical sciences, phycology. What do all of these have to do with picking the top UK universities? Knowing what you want to study is essential to finding your top UK universities, if you don’t know what you want to study your list will be rather extensive, and impossible to sift through and find the good ones.

Step 1

If you are from the United States, or another country, as I am, then you might be surprised to hear these but top UK universities do not have majors, instead of combining classes to form a rounded curriculum the universities in the UK focus on one and only one topic.

Step 2

This has pros and cons, in my opinion. For example, after graduating you are an expert in what you have studied for the past four years, or at least you should be; however, you only retain the most basic skills of other classes, for example, if you get your degree in Computer Science, it is likely that you will have probably forgotten gerunds and participles by the end of your schooling. This information will be essential in creating your list of top UK universities.

Step 3

If you are interested in studying a more mathematical or scientific field, you can look to many famous universities such as Oxford and Cambridge, these schools provide many rigorous math and science courses and have produced many fine minds such as Sir Isaac Newton.

Step 4

Some other notable universities are Imperial College London if you are looking for physics and engineering-related degrees. University of College London is a great place to attend for prospective biologists. And Warwick is one of the best universities to attend for mathematics. Some things you should look for when trying to compile a list of the top UK universities for math and sciences is to narrow down what you wish to study and then search for colleges that offer the course.

Step 5

The same thing applies for prospective English graduates as well, to find your top UK universities narrow your degree and look for topics such as English literature, applied English, English, creative language. Some good universities for studying English at are UCL, Oxford, and Durham. All of these universities are among the top UK universities and are recognized almost everywhere for their rigor.


Information pertaining to some of the top UK universities can be a bit scarce on US sites. Here are some tips to help you while you are searching the internet for this information. When you ‘Google’ something make sure to use the British Google website ( ). Try to stay on British websites as much as you can when looking for whether or not people like the university or not, and for other comparisons that are more opinions related.

Sources and Citations

When you are from out of the country use well trusted organizations such as UCAS and make sure all the details you have are accurate before getting on a plane to somewhere you don’t know anything about. UCAS is a program that helps you choose the right courses and universities for your post-secondary schooling. They will help you create your top UK universities list and find what you need to do in order to be successful in those universities.


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