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What Are the Best Uk Universities

Published at 03/16/2012 20:38:50


There are many universities in UK and some of the best UK universities are listed below along with some of their details.

Oxford University is at the first rank of best UK universities. It is located in United Kingdom. All over the world it is the oldest surviving university. It is abbreviated as “Oxon”. The foundation date of this university is not known but teaching in some form, was begun in 1096. This university contains 38 colleges and there are six private halls as well. It contains 102 libraries. There are certain groups like Bodleian Library Group conatins 30 libraries. There are many museums and galleries in Oxford University.


University of Cambridge is at the second rank of best UK universities. It is a public research university. It is located in Cambridge. It is considered to be the second oldest university in English speaking world. It is seventh oldest university world wide. There are most imporatnt scientific discoveries by Cambridge University; like understanding the scientific method, laws of motion, development of thermodynamics, discovery of electron, splitting of the atom and many more. There are six schools in University of Cambridge and they are Arts and Humanities, Biological Sciences, Clinical Medicine, Humanities and Social Sciences, Physical Sciences and Technology School.

Imperial College London is at the 3rd rank of best UK universities. It is actually a college of Science, Technology and Medicine. It is also a public research college in London. It is speciallized in Medical, Engineering, Science and Business. The main campus of Imperial College London is in South Kensington. There are three types of faculties in the university and these are Imperial College Faculty of Engineering, Imperial College Faculty of Medicine and Imperial College Faculty of Natural Sciences. The medical faculty of this university is considered to be one of the largest faculties of medicine in the UK.


The University of Durham which is also known as Durham University is at the fourth rank of best UK universities. It is situated in England. It was founded in 1832. In 1837, it was granted a Royal Charter. It is third oldest university situated in England. There are 16 colleges in university and it contains many academic departments in it which provide lectures to the students. It is basically a research university. There are three terms of academic year of this university. These terms are Michaelmas term, Easter term and Epiphany term. The chancellor of University of Durham is “Sir Thomas Allen”. He is the person who succeeded Bill Bryson. Current Vice Chancellor of this university is “Chris Higgins”.

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London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) is the fifth best UK University. This university is a public university of research. This university has speciallization in social sciences. It is situated in London. It was founded by Fabian Society Members in 1895. Fabian Society members are “Sydney Webb”, “Beatrice Webb” and “George Bernard Shaw”. The students of LSE were awarded by degrees in 1902. The teaching and research of this university involves the areas of social sciences, accounting, finance, applied statistics, anthropology, economic history and many more.


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