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Published at 03/12/2012 10:47:44


The state of Florida  has many institutions of higher learning that offer top notch education. These Fl Universities are generally well regarded in the whole world. These fl universities offer many academic programs that meets the needs of the modern students and the job market. The following are some of the best fl universities.

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Florida University - This institution of higher learning was founded in mid 1900, as one of the fl universities. It’s classified as an advanced teaching and Research University whose research programs are well renowned the whole world over. Princeton review cited the university as one of the best college, as well as the best southeastern college. Apart from the educational programs offered at the FSU which distinguishes itself as one of the top fl universities, students interested in sports get a chance to engage in a variety of sporting activities. The FSU has about 16 constituent colleges offering different academic programs such as arts, sciences, criminology and engineering. It also boasts of a school of motion pictures as well as social sciences and public policy. FSU has approximately 275 degree programs at different levels ranging from the undergraduate to doctoral levels.

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University of Florida - Each year more than 50,000 students enroll in this university since its one of the most popular fl universities. It was ranked 58th best school in the country by world report and US news. The Princeton review voted the university as best southeastern college and third best value college among public schools. The University of Florida has a total of 16 professional colleges which includes Warrington college of Business administration, Levin College of law as well as college of design. Overall about a 100 degree undergraduate programs are available at the university. The university also boasts of about a 100 research centers and organizations which make it easy for students to pursue their studies effectively.

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University of Miami - It’s the only private university ranked among the top 50 fl universities in the nation by the US news and world report. The university is situated about seven miles from downtown Miami and spends more than $325 million on research each year. It boasts of having highly diversified student population which earned it recognition by the Princeton Reviews as 3rd top schools for racial integration and class interaction. As one of the best fl universities it has diverse undergraduate and post graduate programs. These include nursing, public relations, architecture, advertising as well as business administration. University of Miami boasts of 12 colleges which offer resources through organizations as well as local canters.

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More information on top fl universities:

Florida Atlantic University - located in Boca Raton Florida and has been rated as one of the most excellent biomedical and marine centre.

Florida State University - Located at Tallhassee Florida, the school is considered as one of the best fl universities with 2 Nobel laureate's winners on its faculty.

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University of Florida - Its located in Gainsville Florida, among the reasons it’s voted as one of the best fl universities is due to being the oldest university in Florida.

University of Miami - It’s located in Miami and ranked as 38th among the top fl universities for 2012 by the world report.


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