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Published at 03/17/2012 01:15:26


For a long time, the state of FL universities offered good education based on cost, but in recent years that reputation has been tested in the midst of budget cuts, which led to the cancellation of academic programs and repeated increases in the cost of tuition. Despite this, 6 Florida universities remain among the 100 best in the country based on the cost of tuition, according to a report issued by a local finance magazine.


The magazine also reported its ranking of the top 100 public universities based on cost; the University of Florida took the same second place last year. Meanwhile, the New College of Florida in Sarasota, a small liberal arts college, ranked fifth, great improvement compared to the 11 that took place last year. All in all, FL universities abounded with the list to a greater extent.


The other public universities in Florida that made up the list are Florida State University (site 18), the University of Central Florida (39), the University of North Florida (63), and the University of Southern Florida (87).

A spokesman to the UF stated that there is no doubt that the universities in Florida are a type of challenge through, which the quality can be maintained, as well meeting the requirements of budget requirements. It was further reported that FL universities has lost more than $ 200 million in its funding since the year 2007.

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In the 11 years of FL universities, according to sources that has been compiling the information for years; the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has always occupied the first place.

The public university system of California had the largest number of schools on the list (12), followed by New York 9, Florida and North Carolina (6) each.

The FL universities ranking lists are a controversial issue in higher education circles and are often criticized for using arbitrary criteria that change every year. Factors that are considered include graduation program rates in four-year, student retention, price and average debt upon graduation.

While ratings of FL universities may help families through the complicated process of choosing a school for their children, there is no substitute for the visit and the student's preference on the location and size of the university.

The small New College in Sarasota has become a very important addition in the FL universities ranking, as well as listings that are being published in other sources. State University students combine a number of small-just over 800 - with a concentration in the range of subjects that students choose and intellectual curiosity. New College students create their own curriculum and qualifications simply pass or fail. Long written evaluations of teachers replaced the more familiar scale of A-or B +. All these aspects tend to influence the FL universities rankings.

Moreover, other factors, which have an impact on FL universities rankings, are that of the size as there are several opinions that not every student wants to study at a large educational institution. The FL universities rankings clearly indicate that they are among the top educational institutes in the country and are worth making a career on.


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