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What Are the Top Mba Universities?

Published at 03/28/2012 20:43:22


If you are thinking of further pursuing a career in business, enrolling in one of the top MBA universities in the United States is a smart idea. A business degree for graduate studies equips you with knowledge that is vital in the intricate and complicated world of business. Although it is said that learning truly begins outside the classroom, certain concepts, theories, models, and principles need to be learned in school, with the guidance of mentors who have had extensive experience in the field.


Also, getting an MBA not only boosts you academically but skill-wise as well. Graduate school is far different from college undergraduate business studies in a sense that it involves more practical applications that go hand in hand with theory. Business is learned through experience, and an MBA degree will allow you to practice and exercise business skills through hands-on experience. Undertaking an MBA from one of the top MBA universities will no doubt instill a plethora of skills that will serve very helpful once you start your business career. Aside from theory and skill, an MBA equips you with the right attitude towards business. You will gain confidence and competence with an MBA degree.

If you are thinking of getting an MBA, you might as well enroll in a top university that offers the best MBA programs in the country. Here are two MBA programs from two of the top MBA universities deemed to be the best in the United States.


Northwestern University: The Kellogg MBA Program

The Kellogg MBA Program is ranked among the top twenty MBA programs in the country. It is said to prepare a student in facing the fast-paced global economy, dealing with competition, finding solutions to problems creatively, and be on top of the business ladder. Professors teaching in the Kellogg MBA program are passionate and are masters of the business craft. The university offers an extensive research program that caters to every inquisitive mind. With over 50,000 alumni worldwide, the Kellogg MBA program, which has its humble beginnings dating back over a hundred years ago, continues to form great minds and great business leaders.


Harvard University: Harvard Business School

Harvard University is one of the most prestigious universities in the world and is also among the top MBA universities. The two-year MBA program of Harvard Business School requires students to take specific courses for a year and another year for the elective curriculum. This allows students to freely choose the courses of their choice, which is a great example of the academic freedom granted by Harvard to its students. For the required curriculum, students take up courses on Marketing, Leadership and Organizational Behavior, Government, Negotiations, Financial Reporting and Control, and many more interesting subjects. Meanwhile, over 96 courses are available in the elective curriculum. Courses include Agribusiness, Corporate Strategy, Supply Chain Management, Retailing, among others. Each course for both the required curriculum and the elective curriculum caters well to the needs of students who wish to pursue a promising career in business. Grades are determined on curve. Presently, the Harvard MBA classes have over 9,000 students, broken down into ten sections. Harvard Business School surely lives up to its name of being one of the best business schools in the world.

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These two MBA programs are just some among the other MBA programs offered by other equally-competitive universities in the country. Enroll now in one of these top MBA universities and watch your business career unfold right before your very eyes.


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