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7 Top California Universities


California is one of the largest state found on the West Coast of Northern America, it is densely populated Sacramento being its capital city. The education system in this place is quite reliable with top California universities ranking as some of the top universities in the US and world wide. Below is a list of the top 7 California universities.

Stanford University

This is one of top California universities that offers better quality education and is popularly known by its acronym SU in the United States. The institution was established in 1885 and since then it has vehemently been proving to be the force to reckon in the world of academia.

The several aspects that has put it on spot is its ability to progressively nature intellectuals to positions of merit in society, its motto the wind of freedom blows is a base that enabled it to be propelled to higher levels. It is one of the top California universities because it offers most of the courses, from simple two-year certificate to complex doctoral degrees in technology.

University of California-Berkley

This is a scion of top California universities established in 1868 with its motto being let there be light, this depicts it being the genesis of intellectual light to whoever is willing to see. The university offers several courses in nearly all areas of study, including diplomas to doctorates of philosophy in sciences.

It admits both genders basing on merit and population of the students is about thirty thousand, its urban settings is ideal for cognitive study. As one of the top California universities, it has enough quality facilities to cater for the high population of the students, in addition includes exchange programs which are vital for interrelationships between universities.

University of California –Los Angeles

This excellent institution is one of the top California Universities that has managed to remain at the pinnacle of matters concerning education. Established in 1919 with let there be light being its motto like its counterpart, it has not relented in giving the students quality information pertaining their areas of study. The admission is by merit and both genders are accepted into the institution, international students find this place their favorite as cases of insecurity are minimal.

Another thing that makes it one of the top California universities is the numerous areas of study you can engage in, it has one of the largest list of courses offered to the highest possible level. The large population of students numbering forty thousand are able to access quality intellectual nourishment from a staff of about five thousand who are dedicated to giving them the best.

San Francisco State University

Established at the dawn of twentieth century in 1899, since then it has been accepted by the education system in the United States as one of the top California Universities. It merits this position due to the quality facilities that it avails to its students, especially when they are undertaking their research. With its motto experience teaches, the administration has made sure that the students get the best from professional and qualified staff that cater for about thirty thousand students.

Being one of the top California universities admissions is by merit hence while you are able to study the areas of your choice to build on your ambition. The institution offers degrees and certificates you can study to the highest level possible, another fact about the university is that it has no religious affiliations which makes it attract students from diverse backgrounds.

University of California- Santa Cruz

This is a more recent university founded in the year 1962 but is recognized as one of the top California universities, majorly respected of producing all round students in any academic field into the market. This institution only offers education at degree levels, with a student population of less than twenty thousand, the teaching staff are able to attend to them in person.

The institution has always been able to perform better than its counterparts have when it comes to competitive research. This is because of quality facilities have been availed. With the motto let there be light, this one of the top California universities has been able to shine light on matters in the academic field especially in sciences where it has prospered.

Santa Clara University

Santa Clara is one of the top California universities founded in the year 1851 on Christian principles, its motto being for the greater glory of God. It offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in various areas of study both genders are readily accepted.

The total population of the students is about ten thousand although relatively small its performance in academic has been superb and commendable. The thing that makes it stand out amongst the top California universities is that it is non-profit.

California State University-Chico

Established in 1817 its excellent performance in academia has made it to be one of the top California universities, its motto today decides tomorrow has been vividly seen in the quality facilities they provide to the students. It only offers courses at degree levels and no certificate or diploma.

The total enrollment is about fifteen thousand students, its urban setting is quite essential for the exposure of students to practical approach of knowledge. The highly qualified teaching staff and the scholarships and financial aid is what makes it be listed among the top California universities.


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