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Top 5 List Of California Universities


The following is a list of California universities which are ranked among the best in the state:

Stanford University easily makes it on the list of California universities being a leading college in the whole world as reputable academic institution that has shaped some of the best minds ever in history. It was built in 1891 and stands on about 8000 acres in Palo Alto offering both undergraduate and post graduate studies in Humanities, Sciences and Engineering.

There are also four schools that offer business, education and law as well as medicine. The school has every reason to be included on the list of California universities as its athletic department is famous for winning numerous NCAA championships and honors as well as boasting of various Olympic athletes and medalists.

University of San Francisco has been in existence for more than 150 years which is one of the good reasons why its makes it on the list of California universities with a highly diversified urban population in the country. Its Jesuit catholic university. however the school has a global outlook and attracts students from all over the world creating a stimulating environment academic work.

There are more than six schools and colleges under the university offering various programs which is another reason why the facility comes to mind in list of California universities. The schools offer management, law, nursing, and education.

San Francisco University is a leading state school and so included on the list of California universities as one of the best public facilities. The university promotes scholarships, human diversity and academics right in the heart of the urban settings.

Programs offered in the school include graduate as well as undergraduate courses. It has the advantage of being in the middle of a busting city as well as close to the Ocean and boasting of both academic coupled with athletics.

The University of California Santa Barbara sits on about 900 acres of beautiful land and is 100 miles away from Los Angeles. Twice it has been named as the nations hottest colleges by the Newsweek guide in America which is a good reason enough to be on the list of California universities.

Its programs include environmental sciences, management, education and creative studies. Another reason for being on the list of California universities is that its prestigious Graduate divisiavailables students more than 200 majors, degrees and credentials. The college boasts five winners of the Nobel Prize winners among other achievements.

The University of Southern California was established in 1880s and is highly rated as leading private school in research so easily making on the list of California universities with a good reputation. Its located in Los Angeles and adjacent to Exposition Park and is home to the College of Letters, Arts, Social and Health Sciences.

It also boasts of three teaching hospitals which is another good reason why the school is often mentioned on the list of California universities. This is one of the fine schools that offer excellent education, research and art while being also successful in athletics. Its also known for its Film school which has produced some famous star in the world of make-believe.

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