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the Best Media Universities For New Technology

Published at 03/23/2012 19:41:24


All Media universities, deals with the study of media and their influence on our society. Students who are studying in media universities learn how our present societyis affected by its interaction with newspaper, television, radioand other media. In the last decade, the media has come to means much more than this. With the advent of Internet technology, new forms of communication and new forms of social interactions have come into being. This new form of media known as the Internet has emerged to be an indispensable part in everybody's daily life.

Media universities study the relationship between all the forms of media and how it affects our society. While selecting a media program in amedia University, one should especially select the ones that are more research oriented. Research is a big part of media study. Selecting media studies, which are more research oriented will provide more hands-on learning experience, as well as improve one's skills.


Media studies are a new branch under the category of social science. Only universities that have an established social science department is likely to have courses on media studies. In many media universities, media studies are also called as communication studies, mass Communications or as media and communication studies. The content of all these programs are more or less the same. But it is always advisable to check the content and talk with faculties of the respective department before you get enrolled into any of the programs.

Choosing the right program

Most of the media courses offered by media universities from around the world are taught in English. The rank of the social science department is very important when you decide which media University to study from. Look for universities which have the best social science department. These universities will also be having the best media teaching faculties. Look for media universities which have programs that have industry focused training with academic work. During the period of the course or in some cases after the courses are over the students are encouraged to undertake internship programs in various industries related to media. Some of the industries that graduates from mediauniversities frequently join are marketing, publishing, journalism, television and advertising. Massachusetts Institute of technology is offering an undergraduate program in comparative media studies, which is very popular. They prepare students for jobs, not only that currently exist in the industry, but also prepares them for jobs that don't yet exist. This undergraduate program not only focuses on the present demands of the industry but also looks into the future.

Tips and comments

New media courses are highly in demand nowadays. Thanks to the growing importance of Internet technology in our everyday life. For those passionate about Internet technology and are interested in learning how this new medium of communication is going to influence our society, new media is the field to join.

Getting selected for media programs in any media universities across US and UK is not an easy task. Getting selected in top media universities like the Department of mass communication of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, UC Berkeley etc.require top grades.


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