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This article is about Universities advertising. Let’s take a look on advertising and then we will discuss in detail about Universities advertising.

As we all know the importance of advertising, It is an excellent method of attracting potential customers and most effective way of making businesses,. It is a traditional method of reaching out to people, through mail, brochures and many more. Every business whether any organization or charity institute , promotes itself in some way. People don’t come to your door to avail your services, unless you first tell them who you are, what do you do and provide them reasons to avail your services. Legitimate Advertising generate potential sources of revenue or other non-financial benefits. So many companies rely on advertising these days to boost their sales, products/services, to build connection with their audience, and to create competition with their rival firms. According to a survey over $400 billion has been spent worldwide on advertising this year.

University Advertising

University advertisement is no different from other form of advertisement. University advertising is a way to attract students toward any degree program. University use advertising also to promote their degree programs. University give people the information that they need by advertising, to make decision and guide them in the right direction.

There are many ways for university advertising like commercials, billboards, newspaper advertising, website, marketing campaign, promotional events, career fairs, information sessions, seminars or presentations, general awareness ads etc. Advertising can have a positive impact on morale and pride in the university. Advertising gives university the opportunity to build up an identity. Each university while advertising take care of everything like use of University name, logo, symbol,or trademark so that advertisement must comply with the University's policies.

It is often said that only the lower ranking universities advertise, Because the higher ranking universities already have a great reputation and they don't need any advertisement. Moreover heavy advertisements do not always guarantee a strong turnout. But it is not true always, as we can see that Oxford university take a full page ad on the back of the BCS magazine to offer their masters in IT. In order to get response in true sense, try and put messages in the place where they are needed.

Why to advertise for University

Being a part of competitive market, rightly or wrongly advertising should be an integral part of the university, so that it can generate revenue or other benefits for University department or program. Advertising helps the students to be informed about whatever new programs or services are available. Advertising creates an image of university that encapsulates the university's features, benefits and unique selling points.


In this article we went through University advertising. We need to be able to create demand for the product we are offering and for that we need to market our product. In today's world there is an ever increasing demand for advertisement. There is no company that can make its business without advertising their product. So advertisement has become a great opportunity. That apply also on Universities, they can generate fame, reputation, popularity, revenue by advertisement.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/26/2012
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