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Deciding or choosing the university that a student might want to go into is a very responsible decision. Various factors are to be kept in mind while deciding the university such as environment, faculty, desired academic program, campus and above all university ranking. For a major proportion of the students, university ranking is a very important factor since it shows that how well reputed the university, faculty and its environment is. The reason which urges the students to look for a better university is that they believe that by studying in top universities, they’ll have a secured and stable future with best jobs in the world. It has become a common phenomenon among the students.


The concept of university ranking has been very much prevalent since the competition among the universities to acquire a better position was highlighted. However, formally, the system to calculate the university ranking was introduced in Dec, 2003, in Richard Lambert’s review of university-industry collaboration in Britain. The idea for the rankings was credited in Ben Wildavsky's book, The Great Brain Race: How Global Universities are Reshaping the World to then-editor of Education, John. Times Higher Education chose to partner with educational and careers advice company Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) to supply the data. Between 2004 and 2009, (QS) produced the rankings in partnership with Times Higher Education (THE). QS retained the intellectual property in the Rankings and the methodology used to compile them and continues to produce the rankings, now called the QS World University Rankings.


The university rankings are quite helpful for the students to decide as to which university to choose. A good university promotes the basic demand of good education. It is not along the lines to meet the commercial gains rather it is equally important for the enhancement of professionalism. A good or a top university not only produces good students but also good citizens which have the potential to thrive in the society. The best attribute of the top universities is that they do not only impart the best knowledge to the students but also gives a multi dimensional exposure educationally and culturally. Due to this, the urge to study in the best universities is generally high among the students. Various surveys are conducted in order to calculate the ranking of the university both qualitatively and quantatively. It is important for the students to carry out thorough research about the universities and their academic programs along with their requirements. Then they should narrow down their many options according to their needs and liking. Then finally, it is important that they must know about how good academically a university is as it has a major influence while making a decision.

Tips and comments

It is important that the students must look for the university ranking surveys or sheets while choosing the university to get admission into. Getting admission in a top university also requires academic and mental aptitude; therefore it is important to keep in mind the university’s requirements and the student’s own capabilities. It is also not necessary that one should only look for the top or best universities, sometimes there are universities which might be providing educational assistance and stipends. Most of the time, it is entirely dependent on the student himself, whether or not he/she is going to excel.

By Anushay Q., published at 02/10/2012
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