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If someone wants to know the secret of getting into the top ranking universities, then there is no set principle or secret to achieve this. Even if you have a great GPA at college, a reasonable SAT score and certificates in sports but still all these thing do not guarantee you that you will get admission in your desired ranking university.

Step 1

You need to discuss this with your school counselor.  She can help you a lot in choosing the right courses at high school level. They can give you useful suggestions in selecting a university and communicate with that university. This is very helpful in getting the admission in top ranking universities.

Step 2

There are experts available which can provide you sufficient guidance if you feel that school counselors are not providing you enough help. These educational counselors can recommend you about different options based on your educational record, personal interests and test scores. If this is done effectively it can take you in the top ranking university of your dream.

Step 3

You should plan that what kind of elective courses you need to take at high school level. Remember that this is really an important tip for getting the admission in top ranking universities.

Step 4

To get admission into top ranking universities you need to opt the courses which can be helpful in your university admission. Avoid taking easy courses just for the sake of higher grades. Remember that a good grade in a course which is not challenging and as per your future planning is nothing as compare to an average grade in a subject which is helpful in your future studies.

Step 5

Always take part in different kind of off the class activities as these are really helpful when you go in front of admission committees of top ranking universities. Keep in mind that it is not the number of activities which matters but the level of achievement in a particular activity counts when it comes for the sake of admission.

Always plan your summer vacations by keeping in view the admissions in ranking universities. There are different kind of summer camps which are really helpful in making you feel fit and active in your vacations. Remember that it is not only the classroom studies which admission committees of these top ranking universities consider when they give you admission in their university. Infect your summer activities is the thing which often makes the difference.


You should find ways through which you can be closer to the staff of the university you want to join. In this regard you can take help from your school mates already studying in that university. Keep in mind that your goal is to meet the admission officer of that top ranking university in order to get your seat booked in that university.

By John, published at 02/25/2012
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