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The 10 Best Apparel Jobs

Published at 02/22/2012 01:36:55


There are several great jobs you can find in the apparel industry if you love fashion. Some jobs in the apparel business may require you to get some kind of degree at a fashion school. It just depends on what jobs you want to pursue.


Step 1

Being a fashion designer is one of the top apparel jobs that you can find. If you are creative, love fashion and design than this career route might be for you.

If you like to draw, but find yourself lacking in sewing skills than look into being a fashion illustrator. Fashion illustrators makes sketches of the fashion apparel for catalogs and advertisements. They most generally use graphic design software to complete their drawings. Someone working as a fashion illustrator has the potential to make $60,000 a year.

A fashion buyer pays attention to the latest fashion trends and is able to predict what will become hot in the fashion world. Fashion buyers make upwards of $100,000 a year and more.


Step 2

Fashion stylists are in charge of choosing the apparel for various photo shoots, ads on tv and commercials. Fashion stylists can earn at entry level anywhere from $150 to $200 a day and those with experience can make from $500 to $5,000 a day on up to over $100,000 plus a year.

A fashion merchandiser works on the production side of things and works with the cost of production, they study the market trends and figure out where the product line will go each coming season. Merchandisers make entry level from $50,000 to $80,000 and with experience $100,000 and more per year.

For those who love to write you can become a fashion writer. Write copy for some of the major fashion magazines, blogs and websites, and for television. The earnings for a fashion writer on average are for $47,000 a year and more.

Step 3

Owning your own fashion shop can be very rewarding for those who are driven with a high entrepreneurial spirit and business knowledge. Earning potential for owning your own retail fashion shop is high at $100,000 and more a year.

Are you into photography and love taking pictures? You may want to consider jobs as a fashion photographer. You can find work taking pictures of apparel for various places like catalogs, websites, major fashion houses, and magazines.

Jobs as a personal stylist are good for anyone who likes to teach people. In this apparel job you educate people on fashion and accessories. Earning potential for these jobs are $40,000 and over a year.

A fashion model is something else you can do if you have the right look. If you are fairly tall, photogenic and love wearing different apparel as well as having your picture taken than working as a model might be a job for you.


When going to apply for apparel jobs remember to keep your application clean and simple. Always do your research on the company and the brand of clothing. You want to show your potential employer your genuine interest. Be sure to dress fashionably stylish and to impress.

During an interview ask lots of questions and don't say anything negative about previous employers. This only will look bad on you.

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