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the Latest Trends in Women Apparel


Women apparel can range from style and grace to punk and modern. There are thousands of new and interesting trends for all types of women, whether they enjoy looking classic and chic or want a modern and cool vibe that gives them lots of room to be an individual and different. Personal styles are some of the most on point trends in women apparel because they can bring out the individual in a woman. Most trends can be combined with each other to create a new look infused with style and technique. These fashion tips will give you insight on the hottest trends and what they should be worn with.

Bohemian 70s Chic

The fashion from the 1960s and 1970s is the perfect call for women who love freedom and comfort. Bohemian chic is perfect for a woman who feels like she wants to be free and live a gypsy life for real or in her mind. Gypsy style clothing is a wide range, and it can be a woman’s key and signature look if played right. Long maxi skirts with beautiful paisley designs or Indian art are one of the most essential garments in gypsy chic. Maxi skirts can be worn with long tie up boots underneath and a loose sleeved ruffle blouse to give them an antique edge. Wearing a fedora with this look is a huge no-no because it makes the outfit look all over the place and not authentic.

Instead, opt for a beautiful silky headband instead of a hat and have a matching women apparel handbag. Another bohemian chic look is high waisted bell bottoms with a loose fitting neutral color tank top. This is another essential that should be worn with a loose and wavy hairstyle. Finally, if you want to back down from the hippie wear, you can wear patterned button up shirts and crop tops, which were a popular women’s look back in the day. Wear this look with platform shoes and high waisted pants or shorts.

Victorian Style

The very feminine and elegant Victorian style is for a woman who wants to feel like she’s coming into her own with class. Lacy ruffled blouses made out of chiffon or the finest silk are a Victorian woman’s best friend. For a modern edge, pair the ruffle blouse with some tight fitted boot cut jeans. This will produce an alarming amount of innocence. As for hair, create a soft and sleek ponytail or bouncy barrel curls. Women apparel in a Victorian fashion sense must all be pleasing to the eye. A pencil skirt with lacy accents and granny style boots will add nicely to the overall look.

This style is one of the hottest trends because it brings back grace and beauty with a modern edge, which most women want to signify. A women apparel Victorian handbag should be finely crafted with light colors and a small size, almost like a tiny satchel. Keeping a look out on all things vintage looking at stores and online shops is your best bet with this style.

By Lillia Florian, published at 02/14/2012
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the Latest Trends in Women Apparel. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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