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How To Design Men's Apparel


It is a common understanding of most people that men have limited options when it comes to dressing. This is a common misperception as men’s apparel is taking on a new look. Many designers have devoted themselves whole-heartedly to design clothes for the modern man. This consists of bright colours and different patterns. Men can now choose a shirt from a range of t-shirts, golf shirts, tank-tops, polo shirts, and sweaters. Men’s apparel also consists of a whole range of pants, jeans, shorts, underwear and socks and different accessories. These accessories consist of belts, hats, ties and brief-cases. A man can easily find an outfit for every occasion e.g. going to the gym or for a walk.

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Historically, men were known to wear dark suits. Suits are still the standard outfit for work but the dressing sense of men for casual activities has changed in the past few decades. The generation born after World War II was vibrant and colourful. This generation was born in the 1960s and embraced colour with open arms. In this era, men’s apparel greatly changed as bell-bottom pants and wide-sleeve shirts were introduced. Men’s apparel became more diverse in the 1980s when young boys adopted the neon trend and dressed in bright colours.

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It is known that women spend more time choosing their outfits than men. Men’s apparel is becoming more diverse now as names like Abercrombie & Fitch, Gap, Next and Zara are working hard to come up with a range of men’s clothes. In 2012, the leading trends in men’s apparel fashion consist of a variety of jeans.

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These jeans are categorised as straight, slim, loose, chinos, tapered and coloured. Men are embracing these trends rapidly. Along with this, a range of cardigans is popular this season. These cardigans are v-neck, turtle necks and front open with a zipper. Suits are the ultimate part of men’s apparel and will probably never go out of style.

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They can be worn to formal occasions such as weddings or any other kind of ceremony as well as at work. A wide collection of these suits is available in different colours and different materials.

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Accessories are also a very important factor for men. These accessories can really add to the final touch. They can be anything from sunglasses to watches to gloves and scarves.


When designing men’s apparel, it is always a good idea to ask about the kind of clothes feel comfortable wearing. Most men follow most trends but find some of them atrocious. Some men are of the opinion that skinny jeans should not be designed for men because it gives a feminine look. While most men do not feel comfortable in vibrant colours and elaborate prints, some colour should be incorporated into their clothing. Polo shirts and office shirts are available in a range of colours which are pleasing to the eye. Most men prefer to wear over-coats over their work outfits. These men's apparel coats can be available in a range of different colours and materials.

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