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Hot Trends in Apparel Accessories


While everyone is still trying to determine what will be the hottest fashion trends for the year, the news is in that apparel accessories are going to be the key. One of the most prominent trends already showing up in magazines, catwalks, and the stores are 1950’s cartoony look. You can expect to see lots of colors this year, especially in the pastel line, with 'bold in your face' shoe designs, funky sunglasses, and new handbags to put you on the chic track. With all the latest trends emerging in apparel accessories, it won’t be hard for even the most unfashionable to look stylish and chic this year.

What to watch out for this year


Starting with shoes, the main focal point of any trend, this year brings about a lot of colors with an interior design inspiration. While handbags are going the pastel route, shoes are going to be bold and really stand out. Heels are going to be the start this year coming in bold bicolor designs as well as shiny pastels and bold colors complementing each other. And to keep with the cartoony theme, color block heels are also going to be high on the apparel accessories list.


When it comes to apparel accessories, the handbag plays a major role. The must-have bag of this season is the doctor’s bag. Gone are the bowler bags that everyone needed last year. The doctor’s bag is more chic and comes in a variety of bold and neutral colors, with a cartoony color block being the most sought after. But bags have also gotten a softer touch, as the number two must-have bag this year is gearing up to be a 1950’s inspired pastel satchel bag, complete with handle and shoulder strap. So whatever your taste, one of these two apparel accessories need to be on your list this year.


Speaking of handbags, the clutch is again making its way front and center, but with a pastel twist. Clutches this season are going to be fun, in smooth glossy pastel colors. They are the perfect apparel accessories to take you through spring, right into summer with ease and style.


Clothes is what makes a woman, but apparel accessories is what makes it look good. Therefore, this year’s hottest trend with jewelry accessories is chunky and bulky. The big styles can add an edge or a feminine look, depending on the pieces you choose. They look perfect with jeans and a t-shirt or with your favorite evening dress because designers are playing with materials this year. You will notice that plastic and metals dominate the chunky apparel accessories this year. Plastic gives you that cartoony look that will be all the rage, while metals put off a futuristic feel, perfect for fun nights out.


Every year it seems something new is born in sunglass wear, and this year is no exception. Sticking with the 1950’s cartoonish look, you can expect to find some very funky sunglasses coming in refreshing pastels and bolds as well as golds and white. They are big, chunky, and ultra feminine making them must-have apparel accessories this year.

By Lucy Beam, published at 02/16/2012
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Hot Trends in Apparel Accessories. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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