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the Coolest Trends in Apparel Shoes


Apparel shoes are fun and intriguing for all women to appreciate. There are over hundreds and hundreds of different shoe designs out there, and every single type is perfect for a woman to add to her signature style. These different types of shoes will match different outfits and keep your style fresh and up to date, without changing your overall look. Apparel shoes range from boots, heels, flats, and sandals.

Boots and Flats

Boots can make or break an outfit, they have to be appropriate with the overall apparel you are wearing. Flat boots are very comfortable and easy to wear for long walkabouts around the city. Getting long flat boots work well with short flouncy skirts, denim jeans, or mid length prairie skirts for that girlish appeal. Tan colored flat boots work well in the summertime because they look light and airy, mixing well with short skirts and denim shorts with a tank top. Black flat boots are wonderful in a big city setting, such as New York. They are very sleek and fashionable, and can be fitted into tight jeans for an offbeat and casual look. Stiletto heel boots work wonderfully with glittery flapper dresses and add a bit of mystery to someone’s look.

Stiletto boots are however a bit difficult to walk in, so trying to keep a balance when walking in them is very important. Wedge boot are often better for long walks and for women who want to maintain balance and a few inches of height. Flats such as ballet flats are an alternative to boots and look picture perfect with a pair of boot cut or skinny jeans.


From kitten heels to high platforms, apparel shoes pumps are always in style. Kitten heels were a popular style in the 1950s and 60s because of their comfort, which housewives found suitable for their home lifestyle. They can be worn today with cute mid length skirts or vintage 50s dresses. Basic pumps are perfect for the work place and match up with sleek career pants or pencil skirts for a bit of simple allure. Platform heels or wedges are coming back in from the 1970s trend, and should be worn with high waist pants or shorts. Bell bottoms with platforms is a great idea, especially if you’re short and need a bit of height so you don’t trip over your pants.


Apparel shoes in the form of sandals should only be worn during the summertime. If they are worn in winter, nylons should be adorned on your legs, however make sure they are a nude color or else this style will not flow. Strappy sandals are perfect for evening occasions and flat sandals are excellent for daily errands out in the heated summer. The best colors to choose from should be a nude, off white, or even a dangerous dark color like navy blue or black. They have to be properly fitted to your feet or else they may slip and cause blisters, so buy your appropriate size of apparel shoes.

By Lillia Florian, published at 02/20/2012
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the Coolest Trends in Apparel Shoes. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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