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How To Study Clothing & Apparel At a Fashion School


Do you have a flair and passion for creating and designing? Are you passionate about clothing & apparel? If so, taking up courses on clothing & apparel at a fashion school might be the right career for you. There is no shortage of fashion schools to choose from to hone your creative talents and prepare you for a profession in fashion design. Here are steps to follow when deciding a career in fashion.

Step 1

Find your fashion school. New York and California are 2 states that have the highest number of people employed as fashion designers working on clothing & apparel, footwear, and accessories. In general though, the fashion industry is a highly competitive one because of the glamour and creativity associated with these types of jobs. Although it is not a guarantee to land you a job in the industry, finding good schools in major urban centers such as NY  is a smart step. In total, there are roughly 300 educational institutions in the US accredited by the National Association of Schools Art and Design offering post secondary education, including clothing & apparel courses leading to a fashion design degree.

Step 2

Fill out the application form. Before filling an application form to study clothing & apparel at a fashion school, make sure that you read the requirements. To be eligible to apply for a spot, you must be at least a high school graduate. The prerequisites of working as a fashion designer include possession of an associate's degree or bachelor’s degree in fashion design that generally lasts up to 2 years. The course topics cover clothing & apparel, textiles, colors, sewing and tailoring, sketching, pattern making, and computer-aided design (CAD).

Step 3

Apply for a place in the school of your choice. Once you have decided on a fashion school, send your application and requirements online or send it by snail mail. For example, the Art Institute of New York City requires that you submit a copy of your transcript of records, GPA scores, and letters of recommendation. Sample work might also be requested by the school especially if admissions on clothing & apparel courses are competitive. Pay the application fee and wait for the results of your application.

Step 4

Become an apprentice. Your chances of landing a place in a fashion school are higher if you have an experience working in the fashion industry whether it is for a retail store or a fashion capital. Note that most schools do not accept applications in the formal fashion design program, clothing & apparel included without completing basic art and design courses.

Step 5

Think of combining a course on clothing & apparel with a business degree. In addition to a fashion design education, consider enrolling in business and marketing courses. This is particularly helpful if you are thinking of opening your own business or a clothing & apparel store when you graduate. It is also an additional qualification if you lucked out in finding work.


A graduate of fashion design usually works in fashion houses, retail stores, publishing sector (fashion magazines), and or collaborate with independent designers. In addition, accessories and footwear are also part of the work since fashion includes everything from clothing & apparel to shoes and belts.

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