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How To Customize Apparel Such As a Shirt And Jeans


Following certain trends can make one person a part of a bandwagon. Doing what everyone else is doing can not only take away from your identity, it can also make you more susceptible to lose your own ingenuity and personal creativeness. Everyone has their own ideas on what is the best apparel shirt and jeans and the best way to wear your own unique apparel shirt, is to customize. Customizations may seem tedious and boring, but they are one way you can show yourself in your clothing and truly express yourself without even having to say a word.

Step 1

To begin customization of apparel shirt and jeans, first you would need some tools and materials. The tools include the usual: sewing needles, scissors, cutters, and if you are planning on doing these things regularly, a sewing machine. Materials required would wary depending on what type of customization you are looking for. These include different colored threads, embroidery patterns, many colors of laces, strings, beads, paper and even glue. All the materials will depend on what you want to do and what you can do.

Step 2

Next, is to actually decide on how to best carry out the tweaking of your apparel shirt and other clothes. Try first drawing out your idea on a piece of paper so you are exactly sure of what you want to do. Sometimes, an idea may seem good in your head but will not be as grand in appearance. Drawing the design or pattern on paper will give you a physical representation of what the customization will look like.

Step 3

Next, use the different materials which you want to use and place them on top of the paper drawing. This is to make the design more realistic to you. Another reason is that you can then rearrange the color schemes and fiddle with different materials before you actually stitch them on. Because once you stitch them on your apparel shirt, it would require a lot of work to undo the pattern if you do not like it.

Step 4

After this preparation phase, now is the time to actually do the physical work. Gently place your apparel shirt or piece of clothing you want to customize on a table top, so that it does not move but isn’t fixed in one position either. Best places to do these customizations on shirts include places like the shoulders, on the back or one the chest. These areas are clearly visible and also give you a lot of space to work. Embroidery is the most common and easiest and requires only threads. However it would require you to be good at stitching and sewing.

Step 5

If you are having problems or find it hard to make the custom design on your apparel shirt, it is better to not fiddle with the clothing and give the job to the experts. There are many companies who master in custom clothing and will be happy to do the job for you. However, that would cost you a bit more tha n doing the job yourself. And if you do not clearly explain your customization, the company can even mess up your clothes.


Customized apparel shirt and jeans are a great way to make your mark amongst your peers, but do not spend too much on them and do not do them as a fashion statement. It should be show your uniqueness and creativity, your own custom apparel shirt or jeans.

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