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How To Find Wedding Apparel That Fits Many Sizes

Published at 04/02/2012 06:51:07


A marriage marks one of the high points of an individual’s life. Consequently, wedding apparel is among the most important clothes that a person wears over his or her entire lifetime. Ill fitting wedding apparel will make a person look shabby and will haunt that person’s memory forever. Thus it is obligatory to choose wedding apparel that fits perfectly. This article aims to educate readers on how to find wedding apparel that fits many sizes.

Step 1

Men: Men have a couple of advantages over women when it comes to selecting wedding apparel. This is simply due to the fact that the upper torso and the midsection of a man are hidden by a jacket or a coat (as in a tuxedo). As long as the shoulders and the length of the coat are commensurate to the man’s body, he looks fine. Men’s wedding apparel can be found online and also in brick and mortar stores which specialise in such clothes.

Step 2

These stores have an elaborate range of wedding apparel and the clothes can even be tailored to suit your dimensions. Certain stores rent out wedding clothes. Such stores generally have wedding clothes for people of all sizes and shapes.

Step 3

Women have a slightly harder time to find the right size for their wedding apparel. There are quite a few reasons for this. Firstly, wedding gowns are not the same size as your normal clothes. They are a bit smaller in size. Hence, if your normal size is 10, then you will most probably need a wedding gown of size 12. Also, not all women have the elusive hourglass figure.

Step 4

Some women have bodies which are shaped like a pear – large hips with a slim upper body while others have a figure which is shaped like an apple – broad upper body with slim hips. Even these shapes cannot be stereotyped as their dimensions vary considerably. Thus, it is quite a challenge to find wedding apparel that suit a woman’s body perfectly.

Step 5

If you are thinking about ordering your wedding dress online, then you must be absolutely sure about your size. Otherwise you will end up with a dress that is either too big or too small. Thus, it is a better idea to select wedding apparel from a conventional store where you can actually try on each piece of clothing before deciding upon one. Also, ask the attendant to measure your size – this will save a lot of hassle and will prevent you from trying on dresses that are not suitable for your size.


All women want to look their best on their wedding day. Thus, many women have goals for slimming down till the date of your wedding. Due to this, many women buy wedding apparel which is a size or two smaller than their current size. However, most women fail to achieve their weight loss goals and this leads to disaster – they end up with a wedding gown that is too small. Thus, it is better to buy wedding apparel which suits your current size – it can always be altered to fit you if at all you manage to lose weight. Most wedding gowns can be altered one of two sizes.