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How To Choose Socks Apparel For Camping


If you’re going on a camping trip, you should make sure to have a checklist on what to bring and wear. One important camping wear that you should not forget is your socks apparel. Here are some steps that you can follow to help you choose the perfect socks apparel for camping.

Step 1

Step 1: Know what shoes to wear

In choosing camping socks apparel, you first have to make sure what type of shoes you’re going to wear during camping. Both your shoes and your camping socks apparel protect your feet and both should also match for you to get a comfortable feel on your feet. For example, if you’re wearing shoes that have very thick inner material, then you shouldn’t wear thick socks because it will lessen the room for your feet, making too tight and uncomfortable. If you’re wearing shoes that have thin inner material, then this is the time that you have to wear thicker socks to provide added cushion to your feet.

Step 2

Step 2: Choose the one that makes you comfortable

Just like choosing a perfect pair of shoes, you should also consider choosing camping socks apparel that makes you comfortable. Choosing comfortable socks would help you move with ease and comfort enabling you to do camping activities without having to complain about any pain or discomfort which is felt on your feet. The problem in choosing comfortable socks apparel is that unlike shoes, you can’t try them on. You can search online to read reviews or you can try on the different camping socks of your family or friends just to get a feel of it.

Step 3

Step 3: Choose depending on the climate

If you’re camping on a cold climate, then it would be best to wear thick camping socks apparel to provide enough warmth to your feet. If you’re camping on a hot climate, then it would be best to wear thin camping socks apparel to prevent your feet from sweating and to allow air to penetrate to your feet. You also have to make sure that you wear appropriate type of shoes depending on the climate because your shoes and socks should match.

Step 4

Step 4: Choose socks depending on its feature

Socks apparel has different features too. Examples of the different features of socks are padding, arch reinforcement, height, and fit. The padding feature makes sure that your socks provide enough cushion to protect your feet. The arch reinforcement improves support for the overall shape of your feet; whether your feet have that arch or you just have flat feet (meaning your feet does not have an arch). The height feature allows you to determine what socks to wear depending on the type of shoes you will be wearing. For example, if you’re wearing boots on your camping trip, then you should wear high socks. Lastly, the fit features of socks allow you to choose the correct length of your socks, depending on the length of your feet.

Step 5

Step 5: Choose socks depending on its material

Socks are always made up of different kinds of materials. The most common materials for socks are cotton but the most preferred especially for outdoor purposes would be wool socks. Wool socks apparel provides enough cushion for your feet and it also absorbs and wicks greater amount of moisture than cotton making your feet dry for longer periods of time.


Make sure that you find the right size of socks to wear in camping to make your feet more comfortable.


By Bob Meadow, published at 04/03/2012
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