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10 Must Have Baby Clothing Apparel Items


Parents, especially first time parents, are often frustrated with the multitude of choices available in the baby aisle. There are so many specialty products that new parents can end up spending far more money than required to clothe their new baby. Here is a list of the 10 must have baby clothing apparel items every parent needs to make it through the first stressful year.

Step 1

Onesies are the one-piece shirts that babies wear under almost every piece of clothing, from sleepers to jeans. The oneies not only provide an extra layer of insulation during the cooler months, they also keep scratchy clothing from irritating baby’s sensitive skin. Purchase more onesie for your baby apparel clothing than you think you need to allow for the spit-up and general messes all new babies make.
Sleepers are the one-piece, all-purpose outfits that baby sleeps, plays and generally lives in. There are a variety of sleepers available, from outfits featuring a snap crotch to gowns that allow for easy access to the diaper. Keep at least two to three sleepers for each day of the week in your baby’s dresser to ensure you’re not constantly running to the laundry room several times a day.
Place both lightweight and heavy duty socks on your apparel baby clothing list. During the winter months, keep your baby’s feet in a pair of socks, even if he’s wearing a sleeper. Do yourself a favor and keep the socks rolled together to avoid losing these little pieces of clothing.
Booties are generally only necessary if your baby is heading outside or if you are having people over. If baby’s feet feel cold, pair the booties with a pair of socks for an added layer of insulation. Otherwise, reserve your booties for special occasions to keep them clean. Put at least two to three pairs of booties on your apparel baby clothing list.
Dress-Up Outfit
Every baby requires at least one or two fancy dress outfits for heading out on the town or meeting the relatives. Avoid purchasing dressy outfits that are uncomfortable or tight fitting, as this will lead to a fussy baby and a ruined evening. Instead, locate outfits constructed from lightweight materials and can withstand baby’s tantrums and spit-up.
Pants are ideal for quick changes, cooler weather and to cover the baby’s legs if your family is heading outdoors. Once again, choose pants constructed from lightweight material to avoid irritating the baby’s delicate skin.
Tops are generally worn with pants or skirts when the baby is out and about, or not in a sleeper. Avoid purchasing an abundance of tops if your baby is less than six months and once again, purchase tops constructed from lightweight, soft materials that are comfortable and fit well.


Bibs are crucial to ensure your baby’s clothing doesn’t become prematurely stained. Don’t worry about purchasing too many cute, expensive bibs. Instead, purchase several inexpensive bibs you don’t mind ruining, and tossing in the garbage. There should be at least 10 bibs on your apparel baby clothing list.
Hats and mittens
Keep your little one under six months in a hat whenever there is a draft or you’re outdoors. Mittens are also crucial, especially if your baby is prone to scratching himself in the place. If this is the case in your home, slip a pair of cotton mittens over your baby’s hands to keep his face safe.
Cloth Diapers
Think outside the box and use cloth diapers for a multitude of purposes, from burp rags to a quick tool to clean up a poopy mess. These diapers are generally well-constructed from natural fibers that won’t irritate your baby’s skin.

By Jamie Zwyzinski, published at 02/10/2012
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