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Intimate Apparel For Larger Women

Published at 02/10/2012 21:58:49


Every woman wants to feel attractive and sexy for their boyfriend or husband. For plus-sized women, it can be difficult to find intimate apparel that makes them feel comfortable and sexy while emphasizing all of their good points. Before heading to the local lingerie store looking for a new bra, panties or a nightgown, learn what looks good on you and what styles and fabric to avoid. Here is a quick guide on how to choose the right intimate apparel for larger women.

Bras and Panties

Before purchasing a new bras and panties, remember that fit is the key here as well. Have your bust measured at the lingerie or department store to find an accurate fit. Once you’ve found the fit that works for you, try on different styles to see what looks best on your frame and with your body type. This is also true of panties. Different styles of panties, including high-cut, flatter plus-sized women more than other. Avoid panties made from flimsy material or don’t support you well. Whenever possible, choose panties with control tops or that will provide a great foundation for your clothing. Choosing ill-fitting panties and intimate apparel can cut plus-sized women in all the wrong places, making her look larger than she really is.


Fit is also key when shopping for a new sexy nightgown. Look for pieces that flaunt your assets but hides everything else you don’t want to draw attention to is key to flattering your body shape. For instance, choose a plunging neckline to draw attention to your cleavage. A corset is a great option if you have a wide or non-existent waistline. Choose a shorter nightgown to accentuate your great legs, but stay away from spaghetti straps if you have larger shoulders or breasts. Avoid falling into the trap of buying pieces that are too small for you to make yourself look smaller. All this does is make your frame appear lumpy and less attractive. Also, avoid trying to cover yourself with a nightgown that’s too large for your shape. This look makes you appear larger than you really are instead of camouflaging your flaws. Try on the intimate apparel before purchasing or bring along a good friend or your spouse and ask them to give an honest opinion.

Tips and comments

Fabric is another consideration when purchasing intimate apparel. Remember the occasion and purchase the pieces accordingly. For instance, choose light, breathable fabrics for everyday wear and keep the silk, satin and lace for your special occasion pieces. Cotton is another great option for lingerie and nightgowns, as it flatters more than satin and silk. Satin and silk have a high-end feel, but the fabric can also cling to the wrong places and make your shape seem unattractive. Ask the sales associates for assistance when choosing the pieces, but don’t feel pressured into purchasing items you don’t find attractive or feel good in. Stick to your guns and try on everything before purchasing. Take a good, honest look in the mirror and you’ll find a nightgown, bra and panties that fit your frame and make you look amazing.