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How To Dress Up in Plain Apparel Tops

Published at 02/10/2012 22:09:09


Every woman has tops, tanks and t-shirts in her closet that are dull, outdated or just plain boring. You want a closet full of hip clothing, but don’t have the money for a new wardrobe or want to throw out these pieces. Instead of hitting up for friends to borrow a top, dress up your plain apparel tops with a few inexpensive and easily accessible pieces. Most of the items required are probably already sitting in your dresser or closet.

Step 1

Use carefully planned accessories to jazz up your boring and plain apparel tops. For instance, sometimes all it takes is a great necklace to make the plain top seem exciting and new. Cinch a longer white tank or shirt with a funky belt or tie a brightly-colored scarf around your neck. If you don’t mind altering the top, sew a cute, colorful patch on the shirt or cut the sleeves to make it seem new again. Fringe cut into the sleeves or bottom of the top gives it a funky, youthful edge. 

Step 2

Sometimes all your plain apparel top requires to look hip and modern is another piece of clothing to match it with. For instance, nothing looks better than a plain white t-shirt paired with a great pair of jeans and a fun belt. Layer the plain apparel top with a vest, another brightly colored shirt or a fun cardigan to give yourself a sophisticated look. Complete the look with the right accessories, handbag and shoes. For instance, wear your plain black t-shirt with a high-waisted skirt, a pair of flats and a pearl necklace. A plain tank top looks great with a pair of crisp khaki pants, leather sandals, silver earrings and a leather handbag. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your new look. Have fun with the plain apparel tops and you could even start a new fashion trend.

Step 3

Whenever updating plain apparel tops, make sure to stay with the latest fashion trend, especially if the top is old fashioned itself. If you’re in a rut and completely out of ideas, don’t forget about rhinestones and glitter to jazz up your apparel tops. Glue rhinestones around the collar, cuffs and bottom of the shirt to give it a fun bit of sparkle. 

Step 4

Tie-dyeing is an inexpensive, fun way to completely make over the plain apparel tops. Use your creativity and several different colors to create a fun and interesting shirt. Otherwise, just dye your top a single color to give it a quick and inexpensive makeover. When dyeing or tie-dyeing, take the necessary precautions to protect your garment and skin. Dye the plain apparel tops according to the package directions and rinse the dye wash from the skin immediately to avoid irritation.

Step 5

A little glitter is an easy way to make a plain apparel top look like it’s ready for a night on the town. Use the glitter sparingly. There is a fine line between updating a plain looking top and making it look like a cheesy disco ball. Give your apparel tops a once over and if they’re badly stained or damaged, toss them out and start over again.


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