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How To Dress Up T-Shirt Apparel

Published at 02/13/2012 14:13:56


T-shirts are one of the most basic yet versatile apparel in any wardrobe. They can be dressed up, dressed down, or look good all on their own. The trick is to finding a way to wear it so it looks effortlessly chic. Celebrities seem to know how to do this, taking simple apparel and transforming it into the trendiest new look around. With minimal effort and the right idea, you can throw together a stylish look, even when you are running late.

Step 1

Layer it up:

The easiest way to dress up any t-shirt apparel is by layering it. Choose your favorite t-shirt and layer it with a simple short-sleeved button down blouse, your favorite cardigan, a button down vest, or a cropped jacket. The trick to layering over a t-shirt is to choose one that is slightly long that falls just below the hip- bone. It can be form fitting or slightly loose, as long as it is longer than the apparel you are layering on top.

Step 2

Layer it down:

Another layering look is to wear your t-shirt over another piece of apparel. The best way to do this is over a form fitting long sleeved t-shirt or a collared shirt. To make this look work, the apparel you wear under the t-shirt has to be longer. This will give the look a trendy edge, especially if paired with a mini-skirt or skinny jeans.

Step 3

Tuck it in:

Tucking a t-shirt in seems to old school, yet it is one of the trendiest ways to wear a t-shirt today. This looks is perfect for jeans, as long as you wear a belt with the jeans and some stylish boots. Do not tuck in a t-shirt if you plan to wear sneakers, which will ruin the whole look. This is also a great way to enjoy your printed apparel. All those printed t-shirts you have in the back of the closet can finally see the light of day. Pair a printed shirt with black or distressed jeans for an edgy but chic look.

Step 4

Accessorize it:

Any t-shirt can be transformed into your favorite apparel with the right accessories. Use a belt on shapeless apparel to create a waist and add curves. Throw on a colorful scarf to transform a simple while or black t-shirt into something chic and trendy. Big bulky necklaces are the perfect way to add dimension to any apparel, especially a t-shirt.

Step 5

Keep it simple:

Sometimes the simple look is the best way to dress up any apparel. Instead of focusing on the t-shirt, focus on what you are wearing with it. A form fitting crew neck t-shirt is instantly sexy with a pair of skinny jeans and heels. A v-neck or scooped t-shirt apparel can be trendy instantly paired with a pair of pair of jean shorts and boots.


Play with the different t-shirt styles that are available today and do not skimp on accessories. Throwing on a favorite necklace can sometimes be enough to turn any apparel into something stylish. When buying t-shirt apparel, choose form-fitting styles with v or rounded necks.