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How To Find Discount Boys' Apparel


Boys' apparel must be tough, durable and versatile because male kids these days live very active lifestyles. There are also a number of styles to choose from depending on what the child wants and his various activities. It's best to look for great boys' apparel deals whether you're shopping in department stores, retail outlets or the internet. Spending more time on research will help cut costs and provide the best quality that will last many years.

Step 1

Asking Other Parents

One of the best sources of information for cheap boys' apparel would be moms and dads who frequently take time to buy clothes for their young ones. These individuals are constantly on the lookout for sales and promos. They might already have a schedule ready indicating which boys' apparel store will have its annual sale and when. These people are also aware of other online sites where boys' apparel come cheap if they buy in bulk. You can find the right brands and styles that you're aiming for at the best bargains. Another way to save on children's clothes is to ask these parents if they have old but still good clothes that their kids have already outgrown. They might be willing to sell these at half the price only or cheaper.

Step 2

Looking Online

Several internet sites and online marketplaces offer discount boys' apparel. These places are ideal for parents looking for the best bargains. They will be able to save a lot if they purchase from the same source in bulk. Choose a variety of colors and styles and possibly get a couple of dollars off each item. Other online sites will provide discounts if you reach the minimum total or you might come across places that offer promos like buy 10 get 1 free. 

Step 3

Garage Sales and Flea Markets

There are plenty of places to find boys' apparel at the lowest prices. Garage sales are the best places to look for value. It's important to check the size and fit because these are already set. Flea markets are also great places to buy stylish but cheap clothes for boys. The average price of t-shirts can be around $2 to $5 only. Collared shirts, jeans and pants can be less than $10. Other accessories are also less than $5 only. Look at bulletin boards, newspapers and flyers to see if there are any sales and bazaars going on near your area.

Step 4

Waiting for the Right Time

Some parents can also get branded boys' apparel at very affordable prices if they only wait for the right timing. Some of the popular names will hold year-end sales, inventory clearance sales and promotional discounts depending on the time of year. It's best to wait for the prices to drop significantly before buying. Parents can avail of discounts from 10% to 80% on selected items. Back-to-school sales, holiday sales and weekend midnight sales should be watched out for.

Step 5

Search for Private Sellers

Watch out for boys' apparel online advertisements or visit online marketplaces where you can come across private sellers. Some of these clothes are one of a kind and can be really cheap.

By Seth Evan, published at 02/09/2012
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