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Shop For Small Dog's Apparel

Published at 02/09/2012 19:22:45


Small or toy dogs are the best type of animal to dress up and accessorize. It seems as if they also like being pampered and bought items every now and then. 

Step 1

The type of accessories and items to buy pets will largely depend on the breed and color. Some breeds will do well with plain accessories, while others are better off having a full outfit and flashy accessories. Some of the known dog breeds that owners shop apparel for include the chihuahua, french bulldog, pug, miniature pinscher, english bulldog, yorkshire terrier, bull terrier, pomeranian, shih tzu, pekingese, maltese and lhasa apso. All of these breeds will do well with stylish and colorful collars, leashes, harnesses and headgear. The color of the dog will also determine the color of the apparel that will match perfectly.


Step 2

Searching for Items

Today, the easiest way to shop apparel for pets would be to look in the internet. Online marketplaces and specific pet stores on the internet are great venues where pet owners can buy according to color, size, style, price and breed. There are some shop apparel websites that specifically cater to fancy pet owners who like canine coutures, luxurious and posh pet necklaces, shoes and nail polish and hair and coat accessories, clips and ribbons. The buy simply has to click on the items that she particularly like and then indicate the size and color. The pet items will be sent directly to the person a few days after ordering. Payment can be done through PayPal or credit card depending on the website.

Step 3

Customizing Clothes

Some pet owners prefer designing their own clothes and shop apparel that match their beloved animals. People like to print or use special letterings to display their pet's names on the item. They also like adding effects like rhinestones, sparkly fake jewels, trinkets and glitters to add more style and life to the design. A variety of materials can be used to complete the look. Add-ons will also equate to cost.

Step 4

When you shop apparel for light colored dogs like a white chihuahua, a yellow pomeranian, a gold and silver yorkie or a white maltese, some of the best colors would be pink, purple, gold, silver, orange and powder blue. Baby colors are great for light-colored breeds because it makes them appear cuter and cuddlier. When people shop apparel for dark-colored breeds like a brindle frenchie, a black lhasa apso or a dark brown shih tzu, the accessories and shop apparel must contrast. Choose pet items colors like white, beige, silver, yellow, light blue and orange. People can also choose flashier tones like neon green, aqua or a combination of two or more colors that stand out and bring attention to the pet.

Step 5

When you shop apparel for your tiny pet, it's important to compare products and prices by looking at the designs online. Also ask other pet owners for tips and guidelines on how to find the shop apparel best packages and styles today. Quality and beauty do not always equate to high cost.


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