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How To Choose Apparel For a Girl


Shopping for little girls used to be easy. You had your choice of girly dresses, slacks, and blouses for the little princess in the family alongside jeans and printed t-shirts for the little tomboys. But today’s trends tend to match adult apparel, with clothes being either too provocative or adult natured to be child friendly. Finding the right balance is a matter of knowing the personality of your little girl and choosing apparel that is age appropriate. Before heading out the door this year for some little girl apparel shopping, keeping a few things in mind will ensure you choose not only the right apparel but that your little girl looks like a little girl should.

Step 1

Girl Attitude

The main thing to keep in mind before buying any girl apparel is to know your little girl. Is she a tomboy? Does she like to look like a princess? Is she a mix of both? Unlike boys, girls have the advantage of going from little divas to little tomboys in seconds and no one bats an eye.

When looking for the right little girl apparel, stick with clothes that match her personality. Remember, just because you love that frilly pink dress does not mean she will. Buy only things you know she will wear; otherwise you end up throwing money away because she will refuse to wear it if she does not like it.

Step 2

Beware of Trends

Everyone wants to wear the latest apparel trends, and little girls are no exception. But because trends tend to go in and out of style so fast, it is important to choose the right ones. If your daughter really loves a certain look and you know that it isn’t going to last, stay away from designer labels and stick with store brand apparel. That way she gets the look she loves and you know you are not spending money that will be wasted in two or three months.

Step 3

Fit Matters

The most important part of apparel shopping for your little girl is fit. Do not buy clothes that are too tight and never buy clothes you think she will grow into. Nine out of ten times, kids never grow into those clothes. They are either worn and unusable by the time they fit properly or they get thrown to the back of the closet, forgotten until they are too small.

Step 4

Give her a voice

The easiest way to make sure you are buying the right apparel is to let her help you pick things out. There will be battles, as she will love something you hate. Unless it is something totally inappropriate, find a way to compromise. If she loves the clothes, she will wear them with no battles.

Step 5

Set a Budget

It is far too easy to walk into a store to do a bit of shopping only to walk out realizing you did a lot of shopping and blew your budget. Before heading out, set a clear budget on what you can and cannot afford. Avoid high prices shops and stick with bigger department stores for most of your apparel shopping.

By Lucy Beam, published at 02/17/2012
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