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Trends in American Clothing Apparel


Talking about trends, we live in a world that is constructed with all of these, representing the urge of getting the latest things in our life from every walk of existence whether it's clothing, food, homes, jobs, cars and even cell phones nowadays. Out of all of these things, the one necessity that has gained its popularity in just a few years is the American clothing apparel industry. With trends staying just a matter of time, changing their course after every three to four years, we present to you the hottest of what you can grace your wardrobe with for the year 2012. If you want to keep yourself updated with nothing but the best of fashion, stay hooked as we unlock the most awaited trends of American clothing apparel to you.


Fashion and trends have been a part of the society for as long as we can possibly remember. As for the history of American clothing apparel is concerned, we look at how this part of life evolved here, from simple to trendy and chic apparel. Beginning from just a simple piece of clothing that barely covered the human body in the early centuries, time swiftly brought much more sophisticated or stitched clothes. With the invention of this new trend by the Asian empires, the Americans quickly imitated this new clothing drift that was just starting to take over the whole world. As the developments in clothing started to take place, the cut lines and designs became more defined, which as a result, turned into clothes of different types due to heir different stitching techniques with which different pieces of a cloth where joined together in various types to come up with a new trend.


Peeping through the wide circle of the trend reports of the year 2012, we observe a massive explosion of new designs and techniques seen in the latest trends of American clothing apparel. As for women, they can begin with the must-haves of this season, which include the following: loads of bright colors, futuristic as well as wild prints, color blocked garments, plaids, 70s inspired glam jumpsuits, stripes and most certainly the nautical navy dress. To find more fashion here, do consider getting any piece of garment in orange, crochet vests over your chic look, or just go for something that looks like an anorak or a short, stylized suit. While for the men’s latest trends, they might start off by kicking back their overdosed looks and staying put with the laid back stubble look suiting a seamless shouldered jacket with a smart pair of straight/skinny jeans. Like the women’s blinding bright color looks, trousers, suits, blazer and jackets for men are also topping the hotness list with vivid colors and wild imaginative prints than the usual floral ones.

Tips and comments

With the strong hues of American clothing apparel stealing this year’s limelight, make sure of a few of the following things in order to keep yourselves out of the no-no list. For starters, avoid using more than three colors when taking up the color blocking trend. Do not wrap yourself in too much that it looks overly done but, keep your look simple by combining it up with nothing but the most minimal effects. Moreover, you can also lead to the metallic trends of the season too, enforcing the right amount of perky metallic. As for further updates and trend reports for the 2012, you can follow up with high-fashion websites and weekly fashion magazines to know everything first hand.

By Amara, published at 02/12/2012
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Trends in American Clothing Apparel. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.