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the Latest Trends in Men Apparel


Not only do women like to dress up and look fashionable and their best, but  now a days men like to look sharp as well. Men like to dress in the most up to date apparel and be stylish. There are some great fashion finds from the spring fashion show of 2012 for men. Jeans by 7 Diamond has introduced a line of jeans that every man will be sure to want to wear. Also seen at the Spring fashion show was sand blasted jeans, coming in a variety of all colors. To go along with your jeans find a pair of boots to rock your outfit. Rockport and Barbour have come out with a fine collection to complement any outfit. Another trend in the men's world of apparel is brightly colored laces. Pick from a multitude of colors to set your shoes apart from the rest. For even more color to your wardrobe get yourself some brightly colored Chukkas. These shoes are made by Clark and come in a variety of colors from red, yellow, camel, blue, green and any other color you can possibly dream up.


Do you remember when corduroy pants were popular? Well, now they are coming back in again thanks to the Elliott cords. These cord pants are made with a cord like weave. For those leisurely weekends a popular shoe to slip into is the Florsheim by Duckie Brown. These shoes will pamper you and feel so comfortable on your feet. Sportswear is a popular apparel trend now for men. Put on a classy blazer over a nice looking button down shirt along with pair of jeans or pants and you are set to go. A great blazer to buy is made by Hudson's Sportswear. Blazers come in many styles, some are bright while others are mundane and simple. You can choose from a blazer that has a soft protective lining or one with no lining such as one made by J. Lindeberg. An inspiring trend for this year is apparel that is baja inspired. Find clothing in daring, bright bold stripes such as pair of cut off shorts made by Joe's.


Distressed jeans are still in style and popular as ever. Find these jeans in your typical denim colors as well as daring colors to pick from. Style trend for 2012 include dressing in layers. Dressing in layers is a great way to look hip. You can take and pick different shirts and sweaters to make completely different looks. New colors for the spring 2012 include not only bright and bold but earthy tones from gray, sand and shades of blue as well as a rust color. Trends for shoes include bursts of neon color along the shoes as well as boat shoes and hand crafted leather shoes.

Tips and comments

Of course with any kind of apparel, nothing is complete without some kind of accessories. For men what is popular this year is ties that are full of color from reds to plum, aqua and even peach. Another accessory to perk up your apparel is wristwatches. You can find a wristwatch in several different styles as well as colors to go along with the apparel you are wearing.

By Krissy Brungs, published at 02/10/2012
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the Latest Trends in Men Apparel. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.