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Choosing the Best Apparel Shirts For Your Body Type

Published at 02/14/2012 06:21:45


When shopping for apparel you will want to take into account the shape of your figure. Certain shirts look better on particular body types than others. Every woman falls into a particular body type. The most common are Apple, Strawberry, Pear, Rectangle and Hourglass.






Step 1

The apple body type has their weight proportionate through their body with the most weight being carried around the middle. With this kind of body type you should look for shirts that are longer to cover your midsection and with an empire line. Avoid any shirts that will add volume around your waist. Don't buy any jackets that are short or boxy, pleads and tied skirts. Wear apparel with fabrics that are draping and flowing. Go for shirts that are long, and tunic style shirts would look good too.

Step 2

A strawberry figure is larger on the top than on the bottom. This figure tends to have broader shoulders and/or bigger breasts in comparison to the waistline and hips. This figure likely looks top heavy. Choose shirts with a v-neck and wrap tops. On your bottom half wear bright colors, trousers with fuller wide legs and fuller skirts. Don't wear any apparel that comes with padding over the shoulders, puff sleeves, tapered pants and halternecks.

Step 3

For those with a hourglass figure, your shape is just like an hourglass with a small little waist and fuller breasts and hips. Look to wear a wrap dress or wrap shirt, try wearing belts around your middle to accentuate your slender waistline. Wear wide leg jeans as well to balance your body. Don't wear any apparel that is shapeless. This type of apparel adds nothing to your figure and only hide your small waist. The best fabrics for an hourglass figure is something that drapes and stretches. You should not wear any apparel made of linen, corduroy or lined wool. Another thing for hourglass is to wear apparel with a monochromatic over something that has a busy multi-print, but a print that is small would be okay. When wearing jewelry don't wear anything chunky near your bust line. When accessorizing your apparel instead, choose jewelry that is more simple and elegant that does not draw attention to your neckline area.

Step 4

The pear body stores more weight on the bottom than on their top half. The pear has more weight through the bottom, hips and thighs. Wear shirts that are bright and bold or wear shirts with a big collar, lapel and sleeves. Something that a woman with a pear shape should avoid is pencil or fishtail skirts. Pear shapes look good in fabrics that have fluid motion such as silks and rayon. Shirts should be in a fitted cotton or a stretchy knit.

Step 5

A rectangle body shape is fairly straight up and down with not many curves. These body types are boyish like, although some necessarily may not have smallish breasts. Look for apparel that tightens around the waist with a belt. Don't wear low rise jeans as these will only draw attention to your long torso area. Avoid apparel that are sheath dresses. Pick apparel that will give your body some shape.


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