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How To Shop For Young Man's Apparel

Published at 02/13/2012 16:53:51


We write these lines a few hours before going to the mall with a client. The meeting is part of several well organized, with the goal of complete wardrobe change. We go shopping with friends in an apparel shop often and try to explain them how to choose clothes. Most times they do not listen, prefer to do as they were taught. We are trying to explain them but, eventually ,they get to choose what they want and in most cases, arrive to take, for example, a shirt like the one they already have from the apparel shop.

Step 1

A bad example is Einstein; he used to wear the exact same clothes, to be easier in the morning...
Disinterest for a personal style and social results go hand in hand, right?
We want whenever you spend money on clothes in an apparel shop, to take a step forward in style. Instead of choosing clothes inappropriate for you, you need to choose clothing that suits you best.

Step 2

Instead of going for expensive clothes, you need to buy clothes from the apparel shop that fit together.
So what are the actual steps?
First, you have to look in the closet to see what you have. Because style is to make great outfits (preferably cheap clothes if you are on a budget), it matters what you have in the closet.

Step 3

Choose some of your best clothes (those you wear most and give you the best feeling). Choose an outfit almost complete. In fact, choose an outfit minus one item of clothing.
That missing item is the one you will buy from an apparel shop. For example, if you have brown shoes and jeans or khaki pants and black belt, then you need a shirt. You need to know the missing piece of the puzzle.

Step 4

Determine when you go shopping for that missing item, and then make sure you put on your outfit. Why? When you walk through the store to try on the item missing you want to see how it looks with the all outfit. When you are in the apparel shop you got to look carefully at the item you want to buy.

Step 5

Prove as much of as many shops. The apparel shop that you need will be there. Go to the mall where you drive less. Take your time when you choose, be careful about how you feel, look on the labels and compare prices. If you do not find anything to like in the apparel shop, you do not need to buy.


One last very important tip: do not buy anything other than what you have in mind. Many fall into this trap – they see something that attracts their attention, then buy the thing, then regret. Regret that either has not got what they wanted from the beginning, or because they have spent too much money because they bought something they do not really need.

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We hope this material helped you make an idea of what and when to buy clothes, the rest is up to the apparel shop, there you will know for sure if you find something that you like.